The Nez Perce

by: Lianna Morelli

The Nez Perce worked very hard for food and even clothing

They had to work for clothing and food because women made all of the clothes. Women had to sew the clothes mend clothes make the clothes fit. Imagine if you had to do all that at your age! But they couldn't do all that without fabric and they get fabric from buffalo skins. If they can’t find buffalo then they can’t have clothes. They fished and fished and fished for food. If it was winter they struggled with food because if there were no fish they would eat buffalo. They had a hard time finding either of those things during blizzards or storms or just plain old bad weather. They had to have strong muscles because they returned to the “Sacred Mountain” a lot to get advice from their weyekin (Guardian). That means they had to work hard to get up and down the mountain a lot.

See how hard working they were!

Taking care of the animals was a tough job.

It took a long time to learn how to ride their horses and other animals. Do you think you could become a professional horse rider without training. I know it would be very hard. The Nez Perce found how to slow the animals, make them go fast or make them stop. Now that took a lot of hard work! They had to find out (on their own) how to breed horses and raise the little fouls. I know if I never had any experience with that it would be super hard but they knew how to do it. It says that they had some of the largest and finest herds. Now that takes hard work! In bad weather if the Nez Perce was traveling they had to find shelter for the herds. I mean what if they were in a dessert and a huge sand storm came...there’s no shelter in the desert but somehow they always make it through.