The Principal's Desk At Sycamore

April 26,2019

Dr. Crystal Cooper, Principal

April Updates


Thank you for another positive week of Milestones testing. Our students have worked very hard on this assessment and we look forward to sharing their results with you in May. We appreciate you for taking the time to talk to your 3rd -5th grader about the importance of the assessment and its value for collecting data on how they learn and grow. This coming week, our 4th graders and 5th graders will close out on our annual testing. Our teachers worked very hard to prepare them for this summative assessment and we are excited to see how they performed. Thank YOU for also adding value to their learning at Sycamore.

We have been busy planning for the end of year and hope to see you supporting and volunteering with us for the many events that we will hold. Check our calendar for updates and opportunities to celebrate with us and serve.

Finally, I have made a life change and am doing well. I have returned to my maiden name, "Cooper." I am excited about what's to come in my personal and professional life going forward! Thanks for being such a great support over the years. I look forward to seeing you in the building these last days of school. Enjoy your weekend!

5th grade Parents-Update


We had a wonderful meeting this week for planning for our 5th grade end of year activities. We appreciate all who have already paid their 5th grade dues. As of today, we have collected $1,475 toward our students' activities and supplies. Way to go! We can't thank you enough for your contributions! Please go on to MyPayments Plus to pay your dues so that we can make sure that this year's 5th grade celebration is amazing for our hard working kids! Hats are ordered and t-shirts are being printed now. We are so excited that Sycamore hasn't skipped a beat with supporting our 5th graders.

We were able get some ideas for our picnic and it was discussed that it will be a "Fiesta,"theme with taco stations. Please click on the link below to sign up for donated items. This is their party day, so your contributions will support their end of year party.

Last year, the funds were dispersed as follows:

Sycamore ES

Store Items for Last Day $180

Game Truck $345

College Hats $2300


Sycamore PTA

Food for Last Day-Zaxby’s $850

Bounce House $280

T-shirts $1321


Without the ability to use the funds from the PTA at this time, we will need to try to raise as many funds as we can to curb the cost and maintain the same experience or better for our students. You have until May 1st to pay toward the 5th grade end of year activities. We will also find places where we can curb the cost to try to save money. If you have resources, outlets and ways to support, please don't hesitate to let us know.

5th Grade Picnic- Sign Up

Donations are needed for the 5th Grade Picnic. Please use the following link to sign up for items needed: 5th Grade Picnic

Rising Kindergarteners

We have begun registering new kindergarteners for the 2019-2020 school year. Please remember to join us on Thursday, May 2nd from 1-5. We will have your child take an assessment and have them learn more about their new journey at Sycamore. Please check our website and the GCPS website for all of the essential items you will need for that day. We are looking forward to having your child join our school.


I am very excited to announce that we are ready to bring back a new PTA board and membership drive for the 2019-2020 school year. We will be looking to get the names of anyone who is interested in leading in any capacity. Please send me an email with your interest so that we can begin the nominating process.

So far, we have collected 43 memberships, which allows us to conduct business for our new executive board. Please feel free to still contribute your $5.00 on MyPayments Plus when you get a chance.

Here are some key dates:

April 16th- Interest Meeting with district PTA members and Principal 12PM and 5PM (repeated meeting) DONE!

April 26th- Nominating Meeting (need members)- Done!

May 7th Membership Meeting and voting for executive board

June 7th and June 8th- Mandatory leadership training/meeting for executive board

The Nominating Committee met today and the following individuals were selected to run for the executive board: Congratulations!!

President: Co-Presidents to share

Donna Roy, Sycamore Para

Syliva McCall- Sycamore Para

Vice-President-Share as Vice-Presidents

Marcos Ortiz, Parent

Concepcion Conne Hilario-Parent


Yasiris Davila Fuentes


Casey Purl

Thank you to our nominating committee and to all who showed interest. Please join us on May 7th at 5:30 PM to hear updates about our PTA and to vote on our new executive board.

In order to expedite a promising return and training for next year, we will have to collect membership dues. It will only be $5.00 but only to serve for this year. You may go on to MyPayments Plus to support and pay. All of the funds will remain in this PTA account and be provided for PTA state and local dues.

City of Sugar Hill

Contact Information for the City of Sugar Hill:

Mercy Montgomery, Director
Joe Meyers, Marketing & Commmunication
Joel Hoffman,

SAVE THE DATE-Parent Involvement

May 2- Kindergarten Registration 1-5

May 3-All Pro Dads 7:30 AM

May 6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10 Muffins with Mom 7:30 AM

May 8,10- Field Days

May 15- K & 1st grade Awards 9AM and 10 AM

May 16- 3rd & 4th grade Awards 9AM and 10 AM

May 17- 2nd grade Awards 9AM and 10 AM

May 21- 5th grade Celebration 6 PM Sugar Hill Church

May 22-5th grade day and last day of school

Please continue to look for additional information for times and support on our website and flyers home

Friendly Reminders

  • All visitors will be asked at the door who they are and their reason for entering the building by our front desk clerk. Always have your ID ready to show every time. Vanessa Camacho-Chapparo is our new front desk clerk and is happy to join our team. Please be patient with our new district requirement that ensures a stronger and safe environment for our school community.
  • We will begin our morning announcements at 8:45 AM daily and ask that all car riders are in their seats ready to begin their day prior to 8:45 AM.
  • We are going to use Mypaymentsplus for all of our monetary transactions besides small fundraisers throughout the year. Please make sure that you sign up for this with the information below.
  • We are infusing social emotional learning with our PBIS discipline program. Every classroom will have morning meeting daily where they will greet one another, share something based on a focused topic, engage in an activity and end with a morning message. This 10 minute activity every day ties to our AKS, but also helps to start the day off positively. Ask your child about the amazing experience.

Sycamore Elementary School Sponsors

Sycamore Elementary School

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