MAY 29, 2016


CBLT members(S Williams, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Gutierrez, Ms. S Jackson, Ms. Allison, Ms. Shaw, Mr. M Moses, Ms. Brown, Ms. Redmond,) for helping with the process of recreating our campus mission/vision for the 16-17 school year.

The thoughtful and dedicated staff members who came out in support of the RGE community program-Latin Rhythms!

Ms. Fuentes and Ms. Gardner for putting together the art and slogan designs for the school spirit shirt vote. (P.S.-remember to vote if you have not already done so)


We are getting a make-over!

RGE will be undergoing construction throughout the main building this summer. We are fortunate to have several updates that will be done this summer. As such, we will need to remove most items from all classrooms in order to fully benefit from services/updates.

Please bring any boxes or storage tubs to pack classroom materials and take home for the summer. There cannot be anything left on the cabinets on the built in shelves and left on top of cabinets or file cabinets. You may place items inside teacher desks or in file cabinets. Please make certain that student desks are completely empty of any and all materials.

Remember that your safety and that of all students is most important! As a reminder, please do not stand on furniture to remove bulletin boards or to reach high items. We do not want to risk you or a student falling and injuring yourself.

Due to the major undertaking that will occur, the campus will be closed. The construction dumpster is set to arrive on June 2nd or 3rd and repairs will begin at the end of the day on June 3rd.

I realize this is short notice, but this was only recently brought to my attention. I believe that in the end this will be well worth this bit of effort once everything is complete, and we walk into our updated campus!


This week will be a special week in that we are recognizing all efforts for students. Please be sure to review expectations for behavior with students prior to the award ceremonies. We want this time to be an enjoyable experience for all.

We all should be extra aware of visitors in the building by making certain that visitors/guests have appropriate badges on and visible from the front desk. If a student is leaving early that they must be checked out from the front office.

Our fifth grade ceremony will be extra special as we prepare to send students off to middle school. As a reminder that there will not be any lunches in the cafeteria on Tuesday. There will be a special lunch exclusively for fifth grade students and their one guest. Due to the capacity of the cafeteria and with areas of the cafeteria already closed for repairs, we are limited to only students, their parents/guests, fifth grade teachers, administrators, and support staff in the cafeteria. I encourage you to stop by fifth grade classes prior to their award ceremony in the cafeteria to wish students well.


Please sign up for our 16-17 campus committees. We need your contribution to help make Ridgegate GREAT! On the sign up list you will be able to sign up for at least one committee in which you can actively participate throughout the school year to make a positive impact on our campus needs and school community.

Additionally, if you are interested in sponsoring a club/organization next school year, please let me know prior to June 3rd.

Your commitment to our school is what moves us in the right direction!


When I meet with you this week to go over your 16-17 assignment, please bring with you a copy of your summer PD trainings. You can print this from True North Logic (E-Learning).

Remember that ESL courses are being offered in June with priority being given to Kindergarten teachers and anyone who will be teaching ELA in 1st-5th grades in the upcoming school year. Please take advantage of the district's prep courses prior to taking your certification exam. If you have not already signed up, please do so quickly as this is a district expectation for ESL certifications. Remember that we are an ESL campus.

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We are in the Thoughtful Three days of school...

As dedicated professionals, please use this time to review final concepts, prepare students for how to be life-long learners by presenting them with summer projects and/or reading. With lots of campus events going on this week we need to be extra watchful for unstructured times.

Please make these remaining days thoughtful in your final activities with students. We do not want to overwhelm students with only computers, worksheets, and movies.


have students write their reflection of their year

have students write a letter about themselves to their future teacher

allow students to read one more novel as a group and create various activities

allow students to work in groups to dramatize their favorite story from the school year

allow students to participate in science experiments

have students create a content game for their peers based on current or previously learned concepts

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30 Memorial Day Holiday

31 Fifth Grade Award Ceremony in the cafeteria

*no lunches in the cafeteria

*****any grade changes must be done through a grade change request******


1 PK, Kinder, First Grade Award Day in the gym

Final meeting regarding 16-17 Job Assignments

*****any grade changes must be done through a grade change request******

2 Second, Third, Fourth Grade Awards Day in the gym

Report Card Day

Student's last day-Early Dismissal at 12:10

3 Staff Work Day

Staff breakfast begins at 7:45 and recognitions at 8:30 in the cafeteria

*EOY Check-out due to Administrators by 2:30