Russian Class Update

April 17, Monday - parents and school coordinators update.

Spring Break

All students should be back from the Spring break.

NCVPS does not have Spring, however, we accommodate any extensions student may need because of Spring break. If your student was away on the vocation he/she is still responsible for the work they missed in class. They will not be punished for the late submissions. I have sent reminders for all students about missing work. I will wait for a week and then I have to add "zeros" to the grade book. Please encourage your students to make up any work they may have missed. I know it is hard to get back to work sometimes especially in online class.

  • We still have three content weeks left (one week devoted to topic "Food" and the last two devoted to topic "Travelling"

  • The last day of this class is May 26. Students who need to graduate, can finish early. I have opened the rest of our modules and Final project

  • If student has assignments that are past due they see "zeros" in their grade book and a note from the teacher. They are encouraged to make up that late work. Please ask your child to open a grade book for you so you can see their grades.

Conversation sessions.
  • Students are required to attend conversation sessions until they successfully turn in Final project. Their language coach will help with Final.
  • I understand that sometimes student has to miss the speaking session. I would like a parent or school representative to confirm via email or phone that student had to miss the speaking session.

NOTE: students can also join Speaking session, via the phone if they can not join via computer. I can not excuse students totally from conversation sessions, they are required part of all Critical languages classes at NCVPS (Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin).
Below are our options for attending conversation sessions:

  1. Plan A - join via computer
  2. Plan B - join via phone
  3. Have time conflict - Plan C - attend make up session. Find out from coach when they are offered.
  4. Have time conflict - Plan D - Attend other coach's session.
  5. Plan E - Listen to the recording and submit a summary to your coach and teacher what you learned from the recording.

How your course grade is calculated?

All NCVPS classes calculate weighted grade:

  • Course work - 75%
  • Final project - 25%

If you have questions please do not hesitate to reach me

via email

via phone 980-328-5125


Did your students share with you about Russian food they learned in class. I have shared the recipes of several Russian favorites and encouraged students to try cooking them.

Kudos to Nikiel who made Russian blini for her family and shared this wonderful picture with us. Ask your student if they would like to try making Russian food.

Join our Next Trip to Russia.

We are doing another trip to Russia in Summer 2019. I know it seems too far away but time flies quickly and this made monthly payment more affordable. It is a great graduation gift. The first trip took place in summer 2015 and was a huge success. Let me know if you are interested to join my next trip to Russia. Everything is included! We got a great price. It is only $170 per month if you register now.

Click this link to learn more about trip to Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallin, and Helsinki).

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Need to reach your teacher

On the image: Moscow, Russia, near Red Square.