A Peek at the Week

March 10, 2019

Starting tomorrow, please do not take attendance before 8:20. I will make a quick announcement at 8:20 rather than earlier to speak to students and remind you all to take attendance at that time. We are having issues with students coming in from ManUp and breakfast who have been marked absent prior to them getting to class. We are going to make sure we get students to your class as quickly as possible from these areas. This will help to make sure students are in your classes prior to you taking attendance and also serve as a reminder to take it each day.

End of the Day Announcements

Please do not move your kids into the hallway before announcements each afternoon. When classes are already out in the hallway before transportation changes are made, mistakes can be made in how students are to get home. Announcements will be made at 2:35. Again, do not move your classes into the hallway prior to 2:35.

Say, Mean, Matter

Remember that every grade level is following the lesson plans that Stacey created this week. We look forward to seeing how this looks schoolwide. If you have questions, please ask Stacey or Pam.

Reading AllStars

Remember to continue to encourage your children to complete their reading logs for the Reading Allstars game. We are shooting for 100%! Each student has to read five books on his/her reading level. Please make sure you are encouraging this in your classrooms.

Word of the Week: Exclaimed

Branding our School

Our families love to see what is going on at school through our FB page. I know that we don't see good thing that goes on in your classrooms, so please help us! Send me pictures of lessons, lightbulb moments, hard work, and/or celebrations so that I can put them on our FB page. Just text me a picture, and we will highlight your class. :-)


It is about to get busy, busy, busy! I have updated our master calendar. Please refer to the calendar often for upcoming dates. I have already placed end of the year celebrations, etc., on the calendar for your information.

Student Engagement Survey

We will be coming around to 3rd-5th grade classrooms so that students can take the student engagement survey through the State Department this week.

Fire Circle

This week, Dr. Pew talked with us about our fire circles. Please make sure that you do not park your cars in the circle near the Pirate Ship and/or in an area that is not a designated parking spot. All cars must be in parking places in that area.

Upcoming Dates:

March 11th: MAP testing begins

March 12th: Junie B. Jones presented by the Greenville Little Theatre

March 13th: Tornado drill at 9:00

March 14th: Team to NYC, Mr. Croston and Ms. Sargent here to speak to 5th grade during related arts period in the cafeteria.

March 21st: Box Tops Pizza Party

March 22nd: PD Day, 1/2 day R2S class

March 26th: End of 3rd nine weeks

March 28th: K-2 to see Aladdin at middle school

March 29th: 3-5 to see Aladdin at middle school

April 4th: Cap and Gown pics

April 5th: MAP closes

April 9th: Baby Shower for Shelby

April 12th: Strings to Peace Center