Your Personal Info is in Danger!!

Helpful tips on how to prevent hackings and stolen identity

How to keep your passwords safe!

  • 55% of people who use a short password gets hacked!
  • Use a strong password (including 8 characters, upper case, lower case, numbers, letters and symbols) to prevent hacking and identity thief.
  • Don't share your passwords to ANYONE but your parents, as they are the only people who you can trust forever.
  • Change your password regularly at least every 6 months. You never know if someone has hacked you already.
  • Don't use a word in the dictionary. Believe it or not, these words are easily guessed.
  • Don't use ANY person information in your password; wether this is your pets name, the pin to your credit card, full name, etc.

Using all of these tips, you will definitely provide a less chance of hackings and identity thief and of your own private information!