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Self-Dumping Hopper: Versatile, Flexible, and Easy to Handle

No matter your dumping and material transport/management needs, there is definitely a self-dumping hopper to help you get the job done. Suppliers of self-dumping hoppers offer variable size, durable, and well-designed plate steel dumping equipment ideal for safe handling of all kinds of materials. The best manufacturers even offer custom-designed hoppers with great carrying capacities and are constructed for reliable and safe handling of dry and wet materials.

There are hoppers that are made for light duty loads such as handling plastics, paper, wood, aluminum cans, lightweight recycling materials, construction debris, and metal turnings. These are hoppers that are constructed using 10 to 12-gauge carbon steel bodies, welded inside to add strength. Bases of lightweight hoppers are also designed with extruded holes to ensure superior tracking and strength. When shopping for lightweight hoppers, look for a supplier with ample selections of equipment that offers durability, longevity, and a compact footprint to ensure easy handling.

Larger devices that can hold between 4,000 and 8,000 pounds of material and debris are also available from manufacturers. These types of hoppers are designed for heavy material handling applications, ensuring strength and durability as they carry all types of material. High-quality, rugged, and well-made heavy-weight hoppers not only increase productivity, but also reduce operation costs as they help handle more material in less time. They also ensure safe handling of even the most difficult materials to dump.

Larger capacity hoppers, such as those that can handle up to 10,000 pounds of extra heavy material also exist, built specifically for handling bulk materials in the harshest of environments. They are designed with extreme material handling requirements in mind and built with the strongest materials so strength and durability are never compromised. These equipment are also designed with additional safety features and extra reinforcement to ensure efficient, flexible, and safe handling of different types of debris and materials.

Extra-large hoppers are a better choice for extra heavy material handling requirements. These are hoppers with 6 to 10 cubic-yard capacities, ideal for large volume material handling. These types of hoppers are usually modified and custom designed to ensure versatility and flexibility. They are designed to carry and handle different types of materials like forgings, glass, castings, concrete, hot ash, minerals, and heavy construction materials. When you are in the market for different types and sizes of self-dumping hoppers equipment, choose a company that offers units designed for light to heavy weight applications, according to your project needs.

About the Author:

This article is written by Mike Genter, who is associated with Roura Material Handling. Roura Material Handling produces a large variety of self dumping hoppers including durable hoppers, rugged hoppers, ultimate hoppers, behemoth hoppers as well as custom and specialty dumping hoppers for both commercial and industrial use.