Jefferson, the Father of Hipocracy

By: Ben Baker and Daniel Reinhold

From Jefferson to Hipocracy, and from Rape to Sally Hemmings

Jefferson was all about, "Equality". Yet Jefferson had no room to talk! Jefferson not only owned over 500 slaves, but he would rape his slaves too! He had 6 children with Sally Hemmings, completely against her will. So much for equality...

The Louisiana Purchase

Saturday, April 30th 1803 at 12pm

Paris, France

Paris, IDF

On April 30th, 1803, Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana from Napoleon Bonaparte. This was a huge contradiction of his beliefs! Thomas Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican, and one of his main beliefs was a weaker national government. Purchasing the Louisiana empowered the national government, and therefore went against the main belief of his party.

Jefferson's "Farmer Life"

He claimed to be an advocate of the poor farmers and the commonman, but he lived in the huge estate, Monticello. I wonder how he would justify that today, since he had alot of trust in farmers, and thought that that should be the backbone of the economy. His trust in farmers was also one of the main reasons he thought that the people could govern themselves and did not need a powerful government.

The Embargo Act

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd 1807 at 9pm

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Jefferson always leaned towards Federalist views when it came to foreign affairs, starting during his persidency. One of these was the Embargo act, a complete waste of money that contridicted his views altogether.