Peek of the Week

Beech Hill Elementary School

Theme: Still Blue for a Reason

  • October 28, 2020 Edition
  • Mission Statement: Beech Hill will lead the way to lifelong learning through excellence, leadership and empowerment.
  • Vision Statement: All students will meet or exceed academic standards as measured by grade level benchmarks.

Points of Beacon Pride

  • #1 in Best Public Elementary Schools in Charleston ~ Niche
  • 2019 Ranked 24th of 637 South Carolina Elementary Schools ~
  • 2018 National Blue Ribbon School ~ U.S. Department of Education
  • 2012 Palmetto's Finest ~ South Carolina Association of School Administrators

Beech Hill Core Values

Because children come first,

Excellence, leadership and empowerment are standard.

All of us are nurtured, guided and supported to become our best.

Creativity, collaboration, passion and purpose drive our direction.

Ownership, scholarship and citizenship chart our course.

Nothing is too difficult, costly or taxing to keep us from reaching our destination.

Sailing with the winds of a growth mindset, Beacons change the world.

Save the Dates


- Terrific Readers (Virtual Celebration)

- CogAt Testing- 2nd Grade


- Terrific Kids-Connect Lighthouse (Virtual Celebration)

- Career/ Storybook Character Dress Up Day


- Daylight Savings Ends (fall back an hour)


- Iowa Testing- 2nd Grade


- Election Day

- eLearning Half Day (7:15-11:00)


- Iowa Testing- 2nd Grade


- Last day to submit Veteran Pictures


- End of Quarter 1

- National School Psychologist Awareness Week

- DD2 School Board Meeting 6:00pm


- Veterans Day Program (virtual)


- School Psychologist Day- We love Ms. Ledyard!

The Blessing Box

Charity begins at home. Seeing the words in action always brings about joy. Our young Beacons are learning about this affirmation at an early age. Each week, the kindergarten krew marches from their hubs to the other side of the school building. Their arms, outstretched like mummies (a tool used to practice social distancing), are filled with love offerings. But these outstretched appendages are filled with so much more; they are filled with hope. As the Beacons make their way, their teachers have equipped them with the "why" in addition to the "what." Their journey to the "Blessing Box" is their way of learning what being nurturing and kind looks like. Even with their young innocence, I still marvel at their capacity to understand and communicate complex concepts and ideas.They can share what they are doing, but can also tell why they are doing so. (Interview questions)

In addition to developing resilient readers, prolific mathletes, and critical thinkers, our mission statement focuses on creating lifelong learners. We take this mission seriously. Over time, we have refined and expanded our definition of what our statement means, but we have never wavered from it. Initiatives like Growth Mindset, Shake and Shine, WERD Clubs and Lighthouse Leagues demonstrate our commitment and interpretation of our mission's aim. While these programs are not currently available due to COVID-19, we continue to brainstorm ways to deliver these services and experiences to our children safely. These programs support our attempt to address the needs of the Whole Child. The Extra Mile is another such response, and we are pleased to be able to implement this program currently. This year, we have dedicated the beginning of the school day to address Beacons' Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) needs.

Your child should be able to:

· Tell you the SEL Quote of the Week

· Summarize the social-emotional learning focus of the week

· Cite real-world/relevant applications from the lessons

In addition to classroom lessons throughout the week, Monday's morning news show is dedicated to introducing the week's SEL focus. We are excited to share these shows with our parents! This initiative gives us the opportunity to continue learning beyond the Beech Hill walls.

As the young Beacons march across the Beech Hill plains, they do more than bless those who will receive food donations for their families; they also bless all of those who witness their selfless, generous gestures. The parade reminds us of how easy and simple it is to be kind, gracious, and nurturing. It also reminds us of the beauty and grace of giving. Time marches on. It is crazy to believe we are fast-approaching November. Thankfully, our children are taking full advantage of the time that we have together, not only learning essential academic lessons, but also life's.

Gentle Reminders for Online Classes

Operating Norms for Students and Parents:

  • Clothes: Wear them
  • Dedicate one location for doing “school” at home. Select a spot that's clutter and distraction free.
  • Place all supplies in one location for quick/easy retrieval.
  • Enforce the use of headphones. This reduces noise and helps students concentrate.
  • Give your child a little breathing space. Taking directions from the teacher and you can be overwhelming and confusing for your child. When your child is at school, the teacher takes the lead.
  • Avoid walking back and forth in the background or being within camera view during lessons.
  • Work: Let students do their own. Sometimes the teacher wants your child to struggle a bit in order to experience productive problem solving and grappling.
  • Questions: Reserve them for teachers only (send emails) before or after class, not during.
  • Expectations: Support practice of logging on (on time), staying on (the whole time) and following directions (if the teacher asks that cameras be on, please support this and other directions).

Reset and Focus

Some days can be challenging and frustrating. Ms. Masopust has given us loads of strategies to use to reduce feelings of worry or stress. Here are a few more to add to your bag of tools.

  • Try Art-Dedicate a spot for creative expression. Load it with supplies.
  • Count on Me- Attention to numbers may change the focus and shift emotions.
  • Breathe Like a Bear-Smell flowers, then blow out the candles. This is a simple breathing strategy.
  • You Are Here- Part of mindfulness involves the capacity to know about your surroundings. In a grounding exercise, you simply verbalize what you see in your environment.
  • Get Moving- Examples include jumping jacks, lunges and stretches.
  • Get in Touch with Your Feelings- Examples include modeling clay, sand or stuffed animals.

Parent Survey- First Quarter

Please click below to provide feedback.

Gifted and Talented Referral Process

  • Referrals for cognitive ability screening for Dorchester Two’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program are now being accepted for 3rd through 7th grade students until November 11, 2020.
  • Use this link to read more about the GT referral process and to nominate your student to participate in OLSAT 8 testing (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test). There will be no GT referrals for students accepted after midnight on November 11, 2020.
  • Referred students will be tested at their “home” school beginning the week of November 18th. A specific testing date and time will be communicated to you by your student's school.
  • The results of OLSAT 8 will be used in combination with other data to determine a student’s GT eligibility for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • NOTE: If your student has already been state identified as Gifted & Talented Academically in SC, there is no need to refer them.
  • Should you want to learn more about what data are used to determine SC state gifted eligibility or read about how state identified students are served in our district, please visit Dorchester Two’s GATE website.
  • If you would like to read about learning traits associated with academically gifted learners, click here. To access the same information in Spanish, please click here.

Rollings Middle School Application Process

Attention 5th Grade Parents! Dorchester School District Two is now accepting student applications for R.H. Rollings Middle School of the Arts for the 2021-2022 school year. Approximately 280 students will be accepted for next year’s sixth grade class. Applications will only be accepted from current fifth grade students who reside in the Dorchester School District Two attendance area.

Rollings is a school for the fine and performing arts for artistically inclined students in grades six, seven, and eight. The core arts areas offered are band, dance, piano, string orchestra, theatre arts, visual art, and vocal music. The acceptance process is based on audition. Students will not be allowed to register at RMSA without going through the audition process.

The application is online beginning October 12, 2020 at

The deadline for completed applications is Friday, December 4, 2020 @ 11:59 PM. If you would like further information, please call the Gifted and Fine Arts Center at 843-832-5532.

Audition dates for RMSA have not been confirmed due to the current situation relating to COVID-19. Once dates have been established, students who have applied will be notified of auditions date/times. School district and DHEC guidelines and procedures will be followed to ensure the health and safety of all students before scheduling auditions, or the in person event.

Flu Shot Information

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Veterans Day Writing

Veterans Day Writing

  • Students, what does freedom mean to you?
  • Why are you thankful to be an American and what makes the United States of America a beautiful place to live?
  • Do you have a special Veteran that you would like to thank?

Write an essay answering one of these prompts. Don't forget to explain your thoughts. Remember to use your best handwriting. Check your spelling and grammar and do your best. Writing entries must be received by October 30th. Give your final draft to your teacher by the deadline.

Veterans Day Photos

We are working on a special photo project for our Veterans Day celebration in November and we need your help. We would like to have pictures of any special veterans (living or deceased) in your family that you would like to share with us for a unique Beacon slideshow. Send your digital image to Mrs. Nix at Please include the following information:

Veteran’s name, Branch of Service, Name of BHES student and veteran’s relationship to that student (ex: Jane Smith’s Dad)

If you have a picture of the person in uniform, that would be preferred and if the Beacon student is in it that would be even better! If you have sent a photo for a past slideshow you don’t have to resubmit. We keep photos of Veterans from year-to-year as long as there is a Beacon student still at The Beech. If you have multiple family members in the service, you can send more than one picture, but please send only one of each individual.

Deadline to get pictures in is Nov. 6th. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Nix at the email listed above. Thanks, in advance, for sharing your memories with us.

October 30th- Career Dress Up Day/Storybook Character Day!

As a tribute to our Career Carousel held on October 9th, Beacons will extend and enhance their understanding by dressing up as the career they aspire to pursue. In lieu of our annual parade, Beacons will be able to share their aspirations with their classmates within the classroom setting. No masks, face paint, or weapons of any kind will be allowed. Please make sure that any props are appropriate and do not represent any kind of weapon.

For those who would like, we will be continuing the tradition of Storybook Character Day. Students may dress up as a storybook character from their favorite book or dress in the attire of their future profession. If they participate in Storybook Character Day, please bring the associated book.

On this day, we will also have a live book character story time with Tim Lowry on October 30th! Students will be able to hear him reading a story at 9:30 and 1:30. It will also be recorded for you to watch at a later date.

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Peek of the Week

PTA Reflections Contest

This Year's Theme is I Matter Because...

The annual Reflections theme is created by a student and selected two years in advance through our annual theme search contest. This year’s theme was submitted by a then 1st grader, Rylee Stier, who drew inspiration from her town being impacted by the CA wildfires of 2018.

With the call for meaningful steps to dismantle structural racism, this theme provides new meaning and an opportunity to engage and elevate the voices of students of color. This is a priority, now more than ever, and National PTA is committed to standing behind our beliefs and mission to make every child’s potential a reality. Watch this special message from National PTA related to this year's theme I Matter Because...

Reflections Video

From Your Beacon PTA

Go VOTE! Grab a grinder at Bellancinos (614 Bacons Bridge Rd) anytime on Tuesday, November 3rd. Just be sure to let them know your order that you are from Beech Hill! A portion of the profits will be donated back to the school.

As we all know, this school year looks much different than normal! But as we expected, our Beacon families have remained resilient, supportive and focused on our theme, “STILL Blue For a Reason”! When we all work together and remain positive and hopeful for better days to come, our vision becomes clear, and we can SHINE on! We hope you will join our PTA this year, and if you feel compelled to make a donation to the PTA, your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Any amount helps us provide much needed items and experiences for our teachers and students. Thank you for everything you do!


Your PTA Board

Volunteer Opportunities- Coming Soon!

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Student Handbook and Calendar

Please click on the button below to access our Beech Hill Student Handbook and Calendar for 2020-2021. This is a working document; please check back frequently for changes and updates.