Causes of the american revolution

J.carlos Alfaro

Navigation Acts 1650-1700

The Navigation acts were made to test the idea of mercantilism. The colonies were forced to only trade with british and before trading they must have taxes placedon their goods. The colonies protested agenst this by not selling suger. What was very important about this was the stifling of the colonial manufacuring and the colonies srarted to break apart from Britan.

The Proclamation of 1763

After the French and Idian war king George has a large war dept and a large amout of land he won over the war. He started the Proclamation of 1763 in an atempt to save money because the new land he got, was full of Natives. The Proclamation of 1763 simply said no settleing beyond the Apolation mts. The colonies were very upset because they just won a wat and they cant even take their prize.

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act taxed paper, oil, glass, metal, and a few other things. The Stamp Act was made to help pay off the large war dept of the French and Indin war. The colonies protested agenst the Stamp Act by the method known as boycott were. The Sons of liberty was created by a man namedSamuel Adams and the Sons of liberty were made to protest agent the british and they used violence to protest sometimes. At the Stamp Act Congress nine people came and each person repesented a colony. Every one sent a united letter to King Jorge the third saying to repeal the Stamp Act. King Jorge repealed the act and then approved the Declaratory witch said that the colonies have full control over their taxes.

Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was introdused in an attempt to save money, Solders would be housed within villagers homes when ever they please and can do random searches in peoples homes.People had problems with this one was that they felt like they lost ownership of thier proporty because they came with no sherch warant or writs of assistance.Another problem they had was that it was very costly to supply for the solders.

Townshend Acts

The Townshend Acts had people in the colonies pay taxes on imported goods such as tea, paper ,glass ,and a few other items. The Daughters of liberty fought by making their own cloth instead of buying the cloth from the British. In 1770 the Townshend acts were drawn back but the taxes remained on the tea to show that the mother land still had power over taxes. The sons of Liberty fought the British tax collectors after they refused to not rid them of the taxes.

Boston Massacre March 5, 1770

On March5, 1770 there was a large gathering of protesters yelling at solders with guns. They got into a fight with words, but then the solders shot with their guns at the large gatherign of people and five people died and the crowed left.Samuel Adams gave one sided information to the colonies and that drove the colonies near to revolution. John Adoms chose to repesent the solders in cort.

Tea Act Boston Tea Party

The Tea act wass a law created by the british that said that colonies can only trade with britan and no one else.Even though the price of tea was lower the colonies felt limited about what they could and could not buy.In protest the Sons of Liberty dumped about 350 creates into the ocean.

Coercive Acts Intolerable Acts

Conlonies called the Coercive Acts the Intolrtable Acts because the laws passed were just so harsh.Their were four new laws were restricting the trading of goods,no town meetings,britan have full control over the colonies,and strengthened the quartering meetings.The colonies protested by trading with each other and uniting al the colonies together.