1960's Fashion

The Constant Change In Style

Different Types of style

Everyone back then sort of had there own style, but however they were influenced by some of the style icons they saw. Some of the styles that inspired them were mini skirts, knee high boots, leopard print and pant suits. many women used these as a base for there style and built on top of it to make it unique fashion then was changing constantly.

Hippie Style

Hippie style was very in fashion then, such as tie dye shirts head band peace signs and flower. all the styles related to this peace loving fad was very colorful and cheerful, it was supposed to promote peace and love and their uniqueness they tried not to go with the main stream and to stand up for what they believe in through their clothing.

Sweeping changes

The 60's was a time of change. the more time progressed and the world evolved so did fashion, sometimes for the better sometimes for worse. From Space age y clothing to sweet baby doll dresses, there was a wide variety of clothing, something to fit everyone. 60's was the age to express yourself and people didn't hold back on that. There were so many fashion icons to follow and they were all so different. That time period is my favorite because i could dressed however i wanted and not worried what other people think.
'60s Fashion

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