Course Update 6

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Remember to check student grades! They have been updated with zeros for assignments missing this due date.

Final exams are around the corner!

Nov. 5: Next Due Date
Nov. 19: Last Due Date
Nov. 23-27:
Thanksgiving Holidays :-)
Dec. 1: Last day to turn in late work from Nov. 19 due date
Dec. 2: Take the Final Exam
Dec. 4:
Last day you have access to the course. If you want to save work or links from the course, do it ASAP because after Dec. 4, you will no longer be able to enter the course.
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Discussions Are Required for Each Chapter! Please Participate!

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Le Repas Gastronomique des Français

Watch this short film and write a brief essay (one to two paragraphs in French, bien sûr!) about the essential qualities of "le repas gastronomique" as well as your reaction to the sentiments expressed in the video. Submit this to the dropbox Différentiation by midnight Nov 10 and receive 10 points added to your lowest test or project grade. OR... Respond orally, from the top of your head, on the same topic, in an audio recording that you submit to the dropbox Différentiation by midnight Nov 10 and add 10 points to your lowest conversation grade.
Le repas gastronomique des Français