Debt of Colleges

By: Gisselle Ambriz

Student Loans

  • In 2014, seven in ten graduated from public and nonprofit colleges had student loans debt.
  • Many Graduates debt rose modestly up to 65%-69%.
  • The class of 2015 student loans debt have to pay back a little more than 35,000.
  • The average debt at graduation is more than twice the rate of inflation.
  • Nonprofit colleges had a student loan debt around the mean of 28,950 per borrower

Bachelor and associates degree

  1. The cost of a bachelor and associates degree programs depends on a private or public college.
  2. The cost of college depends on if its in-state or out of state
  3. Classes can be online or in campus
  4. The length of time you spend getting your degree can vary the cost.
  5. The expenses associated with a textbook, room, board, etc. may vary with cost and length spend in college.