Caitlynn Burke

My Skills


One skill i have is Multitasking. I have equipped this skill from cooking because, as an example you can be stirring and mixing also having something in the oven and something chilling in the fridge. But you have to keep your eye on thing's so you don't mess something up.

Dealing with Multiple People

Another skill I'm good at comes from babysitting. which is dealing with multiple people at a time.An example of this is one kid could be wide awake and wants something to drink and then you could have two more kids wanting to go take a nap and you learn to deal with them and meet everyone's need's!


One more skill I have is being organized and keeping every thing in line because and this is good for a job because it be chaotic and i trey to keep everyone in place and also i am very good at making sure everyone is doing there job