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VIRTUAL Opening Updates-7.31.2020

Newsletter Distribution Days 7 31 2020
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What do I do if my child forgot his/her login?

Click HERE to access a video demonstration for resetting password.


WHO: Parents, Guardians, Caregivers on behalf of Lake City ES Students

WHAT: Pick up of the following materials:

  1. Laptop computer (if applicable). The Temporary Loaner Device User Agreement Form MUST be completed prior to receiving the laptop.
  2. Reading Workbook
  3. Math Workbook
  4. Social Studies Weekly Newspapers

WHEN: 12:00 pm-3:00 pm Monday, August 3, 2020 and Wednesday, August 5, 2020

WHERE: Front of school (main entrance) carpool lane.

HOW: Curbside service provided. All occupants remain in car.

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From the Principal's Desk

Greetings Lake City Families!

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! If you will be picking up a laptop for your child, be sure to complete The Temporary Loaner Device User Agreement Form BEFORE coming to the school.

The countdown is on! In ten short days, we'll be starting our 2020-21 school year virtually! This will be a new experience for everyone, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we travel this journey together. Below you'll find lots of important information about this upcoming school year.


An Open House Video will be available for you to view on Monday, August 3, 2020. A link to the video will be emailed in a newsletter, posted on our school's web page and it will also be placed in your child's Google Classroom on Monday, August 3, 2020.

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We are looking forward to beginning our virtual learning and are excited that students will be able to utilize laptops from the school.

Complete The Temporary Loaner Device User Agreement Form BEFORE coming to the school to pick up your child's laptop. The laptop will be distributed AFTER the form has been completed for each child. The form has several sections, some of which require you to view videos and review agreement forms. Please complete all sections and be sure to click "Submit". Once you click "Submit", your responses will be recorded and we'll be able to distribute the laptop. If you would like to see the videos in full screen, right click on the video, copy the url and open in a new window.

In the form you'll do the following:

1) Watch the Orientation Video. Time: 11:15 (eleven minutes and fifteen seconds)

2) Sign off on the Orientation Video.

3) Complete the Elementary School Digital Citizenship Activity

4) Complete the questions at the end of the activity

5) Sign off of the Digital Resources Guidelines in the Student Handbook

6) Review the Clayton County Public School (CCPS) Board of Education (BOE) Acceptable Use Policy

7) Sign off on the CCPS BOE Acceptable Use Policy

8) Acknowledge that you understand CCPS digital resources are provided for instructional purposes.

9) Enter the following information:

  • Your child's first and last name
  • Your child's student number. (If you don't know your child's student number, Click here to request it. You will be directed to submit an email to our front office secretary, Ms. Higgins. She will be able to provide you with your child's student number.)
  • Your child's grade level
  • Your first and last name
  • The date you're completing the form

10) Click SUBMIT to ensure your responses are received.

If you have multiple children attending Lake City Elementary School, you will need to complete the form for EACH child. For example, if you have three children, you'll need to complete the form three times.

Once you have completed all 10 steps above, your child's name will be submitted as eligible to receive a laptop. Your child's name must be on the distribution list prior to you receiving the laptop.

We currently do not have enough laptops for each student in the school. Laptop distribution will be prioritized so that students that did not have any technology access in the Spring of 2020, will receive laptops first. We will then distribute the remaining computers. Kindergarten students will begin the year with mostly paper and pencil tasks until we receive additional computers which are expected to arrive in late September.

WE WOULD LIKE ALL STUDENTS TO LOG IN TO THEIR ACCOUNT BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. This way we'll be able to work out all the kinks and ensure everyone is able to log in and ready to begin learning on Monday, August 10, 2020.

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

You will access the Virtual Town Hall Meeting through a link in your child's Google Classroom. If your child was enrolled at Lake City ES last school year, please ask them to log into their account (Rapid Identity Account). Your child's teacher will also have contacted you prior to the Virtual Town Hall Meeting, so you will have information on how to access the link. It will also be recorded for future reference.


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What if I can't attend the online Virtual Town Hall Meeting?

The Virtual Town Hall Meeting will be recorded and posted in your child's Google Classroom. Ask your child to login, or you can login to your child's Google Classroom and access the video. The video will be uploaded within 24 hours of the event.

How will I know who my child's teacher is?

You will receive communication via email. If you have recently changed your email address, please be sure to update it here. If you know of any Lake City Elementary School Parents, that have recently changed phone numbers and/or email addresses, please remind them to update this information with the school since our primary communication method will be electronic.

What supplies will my child need?

We strongly recommend headphones for online learning. This will help your child focus on the lesson and will minimize background noise. Click the blue hyperlink for additional requested school supplies.

What time does school start?

7:45 AM Monday through Thursday; self paced on Fridays

What time does school end?

2:15 PM Monday through Thursday; self paced on Fridays

What is the daily schedule?

Students will be engaged with their teacher Monday through Thursday of each week. On Fridays students will work independently (self-paced) and the teacher will be available for office hours during a designated time period of the day. The daily schedule including teachers' office hours will be reviewed during the Virtual Town Hall Meeting on August 6, 2020. Teachers will utilize the remaining time for professional development and to record videos for students to view and use on Fridays.

How do I login to the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus?

Directions on how to log into the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus

Log in to the Parent Portal here

I don't have a login to the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus. What do I do?

Directions to sign up for Infinite Campus Parent Portal

What do I do if my child forgot his/her login?

Click HERE to access a video demonstration for resetting password.

Should I log in to my child's account?

You are welcome and encouraged to log into your child's account so that you can see what he/she is learning. It is also very important for your child to know how to log in to his/her account independently if they are mature enough and able to do so.

How will teacher's communicate with me?

Teachers will communicate via email, the app Bloomz, and occasionally by phone. Please expect a phone call from your child's teacher prior to the Virtual Town Hall Meeting on August 6, 2020 (schedule above).

How do I contact the front office staff?

Front Office Secretary:



Academic Coach:

Assistant Principal:


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Click the blue hyperlink for School Supplies.
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Clayton County Public Schools has partnered with the Empty Stocking Fund to provide backpacks for students. CCPS Free Backpack Giveaway

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Parent Decision Regarding Child's Learning Model for 2020-21

Directions to sign up for Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Log in to the Parent Portal here to access and complete the Virtual Learning Academy Parent Interest Application. Be sure to complete the form in its entirety. The application process will close August 28, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Need help resetting your password for the Parent Portal? Click here.

If you are in need of your child's Student ID#, please email our school secretary, Ms. Aquilla Higgins at

Online Registration & Withdrawals

Returning students will be asked to update their Proof of Residency each year via the Parent Portal.

New students will be enrolled using the link below.

Online Registration

Criteria & Required Documents
(Students who were not registered in Clayton County Public Schools during the 2019-2020 school year)

  1. Two Proofs of Residency (Examples Below)
    • Signed lease/signed mortgage contract
    • Current utility bills (gas, water, or electric bills most recent within last 30 days)
  2. Evidence of Birth
    • Birth Certificate
    • A Military ID
    • A valid driver’s license
    • A passport
    • An adoption record
    • A religious record signed by an authorized religious official
    • An official school transcript
    • An affidavit of practicing physician
    • An affidavit of age sworn to by the parent, guardian, grandparent, or other person, accompanied by a certificate of age signed by a practicing physician, which certificate states the physician has examined the child and believes that the age as stated in the affidavit is substantially correct.
  3. Student’s Social Security Card. Waivers are available if needed.
  4. Withdrawal records from previous school of attendance to include the following:
    • Last grade placement
    • Report Card (grades KK-8)
    • Transcript (grades 9-12)
  5. Discipline History (grades 7-12)
  6. Government issued Photo ID of Parent/Guardian
  7. Guardianship or custody papers if not birth parent
  8. Georgia Immunization Form #3231 (current) Out of state immunizations must be placed on a Georgia Form
  9. Georgia Hearing, Vision, & Dental Form #3300 (current)
  10. School Choice acceptance letter (if applicable)
  11. Pre-K Approval Letter (If applicable)

Registration Requirements & Residency Verification:

Requests to Withdraw Your Student(s);

Requests to Transfer Your Student(s):

International Center Inquiries:

Homelessness: Contact Ms. Sonia Davis,

Important Websites for Updates about COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Clayton County Public Schools

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