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Laura B. Sprague School Newsletter - August 20, 2021

First Day of School

There were 537 students who returned to school this week at Sprague. Sprague's Facebook page highlights many of the newcomers.
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Library Welcome

My name is Lauren Lenzini and I am your child's Library-Media Specialist at Sprague School! I will see your child each week in the library for a lesson and for book checkout.

This is my 13th year teaching. Before moving into this role in 2017, I taught second-grade at Sprague for five years, and have taught kindergarten and first-grade, as well. I feel very fortunate to be in this incredible role, in which I have the amazing privilege of being the only teacher to work with every child in our school! In the library, we will read stories, develop a love of literature, and learn to choose books that make our hearts flutter! We will also build, explore, work with technology, learn about digital citizenship, and acquire basic research skills.

Book Checkouts

  • EC and kindergarten students check out one book each week,
  • First-graders check out two books weekly,
  • And second-graders check out three books each week.

Please note your child's/children's weekly book checkout day/s, in order to support your child in returning library books on time, so that all children can enjoy the library's offerings. Thank you, in advance, for your support! Please note that your child's lesson day may be different from their day of book checkout.

You can support your child by checking that their books are ready to be returned to school the night before choosey browse. A great way to make sure books get back to school is to keep them in your child's backpack whenever they are not being read. Thank you for your support in keeping the books circulating and allowing children to get their hands on books they've been waiting to read!

Checkout Schedule (may be different from your child's library instruction day)

  • Monday: Kahn, Karras, Louras
  • Tuesday: Schultz, Lunardi, Lindell, Donenberg, Vander Pas
  • Wednesday: Clay, Terson, Delli, Larsen, Jaslikowski, Schreurs
  • Thursday: Jenkins, Miller, Yeo, Pinter, Binder, Korah, Ward
  • Friday: Ferron, Spurrier, Schlan, Chiesa, Lapin, Vani, Schencker

Book Selection

The purpose of your child's library books is to provide a window for exploring their interests, and to develop a love of literature and learning. The books they bring home may or may not be at an independent reading level. You can continue to support your child by asking them about the books they are selecting from the library, by reading aloud together, and by discussing a book before, during, and after reading. Reading the pictures or listening to a family member read aloud is part of the process of learning to read. We want all students to be excited about books and not to be limited in their opportunities for exploration, because of their current reading level.

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with your family!

Ms. Lauren Lenzini, M.S.Ed.

EC-2nd Grade Library Media Specialist

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COVID Checklist Required

To help keep all of our students and staff safe at school and prevent the spread of COVID, everyone is required to complete a COVID-19 self-check each morning before leaving home. By coming to school, you are verifying that you are symptom free and have completed the self-check. The self-check should include:

  • Temperature check. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 F should not enter a building and should check in with their primary care physician.
  • Symptoms check. If you answer yes to any of the following questions should not enter a building and should check in with their primary care physician.
    • Fever, Cough, Chills, Muscle Aches?
    • Sore Throat, Runny Nose, Loss of Taste, Smell?
    • Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea?
    • Shortness of Breath, Headache?
    • Close Contact or Cared for Someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
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Back to School Bash

The PTO returns with the Sprague "Back-to-School Bash" from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Friday, August 27. Meet at the Sprague playground. Please park in a designated parking spot.

Sprague students and their families are invited. Third-graders are also invited to come party. Entertainment is brought to you by Bizar Entertainment. Please join the PTO hosted event as we kick off a brand new school year with music, food, fun, and friends!

Please indicate on this sign up form how many children and adults will be attending (siblings of Sprague children are welcome to attend) and if a vegetarian meal/snack option is requested. Meals will be available for purchase and snacks/desserts/water will be provided by the PTO. Kindly respond by Friday, August 20, 2021.

Please reach out to us with any question.

PTO Hospitality Committee:

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Late Buses

Please be patient as we navigate the new school year. With road work taking place along Riverwoods Road, buses may be late picking up or dropping off students. If buses are delayed for more than five minutes we will reach out to you via text message to let you know we are running behind schedule.
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MAP Testing

Second-grade students at Laura B Sprague School will be taking the Fall MAP assessment on Tuesday, August 31, and Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

First-grade students will be taking the Fall MAP assessment on Thursday, September 2, and Friday, September 3, 2021.

Early childhood and kindergarten students do not take the MAP test.

You will receive the results of the fall assessment in October. For more information about MAP, including how you can help support your child, please see the full MAP Informational Letter.

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Village Project Creates Traffic Congestion

As you may be aware, the Village of Lincolnshire is embarking on a $4 million Crosstown Water Main project along Riverwoods Road to maintain and improve the Village’s water supply system. The project is expected to last through spring 2022. A project this size will impact vehicle and pedestrian traffic – especially near Laura B. Sprague School, Daniel Wright Junior High School, and the intersection of Half Day Road and Riverwoods Road.

Unfortunately, it will be inconvenient and parents may need to alter the way in which they get their child to/from school. Due to the majority of Lincolnshire residents living near Riverwoods Road, this project will likely affect traffic to/from Half Day School as well.

The Village published, and will regularly publicize, a very detailed information page about the project, but we created an FAQ sheet to answer questions that parents may have.

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District News

PCR Testing Update

O’Hare Clinical Lab Services, the company that will conduct our weekly COVID testing, will need District 103 to provide your child’s date of birth with the company as it is needed to report test results to the Lake County Health Department as required by law. It is also part of the information needed for you to receive your child’s test results. Date of birth was not included in the items in the waiver you signed in Unified Classroom so we are not allowed to share that information with O’Hare Clinical Lab without your permission. If you are ok with the district sharing this information, you do not need to do anything. If having the district share this information changes your mind regarding the testing of your child(ren), please go back to Unified Classroom and change your response. If you would like to sign up for testing, please follow these directions. Please make your decisions by Friday, August 20.

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We're Hiring Teacher Associates

Teacher Associates for the 2021-2022 school year are needed for D103 schools! Apply on our employment website page. Salary and qualifications can be found in this e-notice.
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Board of Education Meeting

The next regular Board meeting will occur on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. The notice and agenda can be found on the District 103 Board meeting website page.
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