Have you been looking for a vacation but can never find one? Well Athens, Greece is the place to go.


Yummy in your Tummy

Come dive in to the most divine food! Have you tried ever bar-b-q lamb kabobs or squid?! Need a healthy snack go get some great salads, goats cheese, or sheep's milk. If you ever get thirsty go some delish wine.

Marvelous History

Greece started as Indo-Europeans. Everybody learned cooking from Greeks. They wrote the first cookbook ever. A lot of stuff came from them, like terra cotta pottery. Is their history astonishing or what?!

Fun activities

Can you top their fun activities? Wow over 10 million people go their for vacation. Woman and men have a separate social lifes. Celebrate the holy week and 3 king day.


Go see the amazing Parthenon. Go climb Mount Olympus. Row across the Aegean sea. Swim in Aliakmon. See all those wonderful landmarks in Greece.


The main language is Greek. They used mud tablets. Phoenician symbols influenced Greek. They used symbols to stand for all words. See how good this language can be.


Look here the weathers perfect. Almost always mild outside. Summer is 80F-100F and winter is 43F.