Hayden's Biography

Hello humans, my name is Hayden. I am from the world of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I love Star Wars, Anime/Manga, Marvel and DC comics, The Walking Dead, Lord of the RIngs, etc. When I get out of high school I have many jobs in mind. The ones that I am interested in is Video Game designing and Virtual Reality developing. A secret service agent like FBI or CIA. An author for books or a Mechanical/Electrical engineer. So many places I could look, I am thinking about joining the U.S Marines but I doubt that I will join. I am not much of an athlete, I like to shoot basketball but not too good at it. I like reading books and playing Pokemon cards, things like that. My love for Fantasy and Science Fiction is my world. My world contains knights who fight for their kingdoms. Heroes and legends who live on adventure. Courageous boss fights against dragons and evil creatures with swords and shields. So my world is protected with my imagination and my creativity. It is my escape from the real world, and the real world kinda sucks.