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Hello BGTY Nation!

I hope your soul is filled with joy this month. Are you "caught up" on the podcast episodes for this season? I have researched and recorded for your listening ears some fantastic topics that you will love. I create episodes based on themes to maintain the wholeness of joy, so February is all about LOVE and Good Relationships.

If you are just joining the BGTY Nation Community, welcome! I'm Dr. Joy! I love the person who I have become and I want to spread my "joy" with you. The world is full of negativity and so many people have that "me syndrome". By being a part of the BGTY Nation, you will only experience positive vibes and be a part of a community that focuses on bringing joy to life. No matter where you are in your journey, just know you will get there! Don't set limitations on what you want in life. There are endless possibilities that are waiting on you to make your move.

Dr. Joy

Tip Of The Month

Why fester about the things you cannot change?

Love: Choose to Love with your eyes wide open!

Share: It's ok to share your thoughts, desires, and disappointments with people who will listen & not judge.

Forgive: Let your heart not fester over things you cannot change.

Believe: It's up to you to believe in your own dreams, then go out and cherish every moment.

What’s Happening Around The World That’s Bringing Joy

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What Are Your Expectations For Valentine's Day?

Knock, knock! Who's there? Sweets for the Sweet. Are you that person eagerly waiting to get something for Valentine's Day? Are you that person who is waiting for that knock on the door where you will find a huge basket of Valentine's Day surprises? These are the expectations of many, yet so many will be disappointed by what is lurking behind the door when you open it or right in your face when you are given whatever you will receive.

In the United States, I can truly say we have a holiday that requires gift giving, dinner gatherings, or some type of celebration for each month of the year. Sometimes in that same month we will have two or more events to indulge in money spending. When it comes to relationships and love, we will go into debt to please a person or simply see a smile on their face. Is your expectation too high?

Yes, your expectations are too high! Remember your love for another does not come around one time a year. You express that love all day, every day. If you are not doing this, then you should get to practicing. Your expectation for Valentine's Day shouldn't make or break your relationship, but research has proven that many relationships begin and end during the Love Month of February. What's wrong with this picture? Well...…. those individuals are focused on the external side of the relationship and not diving deep internally. Those individuals are only looking at the materialistic items as though they were the end all be all and sometimes the relationship is doomed.

In order to bring "JOY" to your relationship, you must know that an annual celebration of Love on Valentine's Day will not cut it. You have to pour into your relationship year round. Some may say, you have family obligations, work obligations, and the list can go on. Well, stop using excuses and pour into whatever you want to keep ALIVE. You want to keep your relationship alive. You want to keep your marriage alive, so get to moving. Check out the list of things you can do below to bring "Joy" to your relationship.

1. Date Night--who doesn't love this--

2. Dessert for two---take this hint however you want it

3. Cuddles & Cooking--bottle of wine, in the kitchen together, smooches, YES!

4. Laptop Netflix Movie Under The Stars-- in your own backyard or at the park

5. Love Karaoke For Two---It's silly, but who cares. It's at home & who better to be silly with.

Trying new experiences together during the year is bringing joy to your relationship. Don't wait for the annual event (Valentine's Day), because your expectation may be too high. Learn to love every day and don't put an expectation on another when the love should be their daily.

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Relationship Therapy

Is it impossible to have a happy relationship? I don't think so. Sometimes, your relationship needs a tune-up especially if you've been with a person for quite a while. Now I will say, if your relationship is new and there are already issues. Get out of it if you cannot resolve the issues quickly. You shouldn't be questioning your "NEW" relationship.

Relationship Therapy is one way that many couples choose to have a 3rd party enter into their relationship and give pointers to keep the relationship happy. No relationship is always peaches and cream. A little work from both people can make a total 360 in the relationship.

So what is relationship therapy? Relationship Therapy is when therapist meets with a couple that is in a romantic relationship and dives into the areas of concern in order to help the couple look at their relationship in a positive way. Relationship therapy can last from 3 months to 1 year depending on the severity of the issues.

If your relationship is worth saving then relationship therapy is the way to go. According to an article I was reading on, relationship therapy can change a couple's view on their relationship, modify any dysfunctional behavior, decrease emotional avoidance, improve communication, and promote strengths for both people.

Bringing Joy To Your Life Through Spirituality

Dear God,

You are my rock, my strength, and my salvation. You give me free choice to live life whole-heartedly. This world is full of sinful people who Satan uses to steal, kill, and destroy. Dear God, help me to recognize these things. Help me to focus on the positive side. You have created this world for us to enjoy. You have put things in place for us to experience joy. Your love for me is unconditional. I repent of my sins and lean to you for understanding and focus throughout this month. I want to love God's way, I want to experience serenity and wisdom. This month, I plan to bring joy to my life through spirituality. Although, I fall short. I know you will be there to help me in good times and bad. This is my prayer in Jesus name I pray.

1 Corinthians 12:4-5: "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs."

Rough Hands, Ashy Body, Chapped Lips..It's Winter

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It's winter in the United States and it's been rough. The temperatures we've been experiencing has be brutal according to Dr. Joy. Hey, what can I say, I'm a true Florida Girl. I grew up in Central Florida and I love more sun than I do cold air & clouds. I am constantly putting oils on my body, smell-good lotion on my hands, peppermint chapped stick on my lips. Oh La La, I'm ready for winter, right?

Well, I'm headed in the right direction. Self-care definitely focus on hydrating your body with oils and lotions. Give yourself treatments when you have off days. Take care of your body during the winter like you take care of your....Nah, just take care of your body. Whatever you do to hydrate continue and if you don't start. There are lots of products out there to fit your needs.

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Food For The Soul

Winter is a time that we love comfort foods. What's your favorite? What would you call food for the soul? I'm a southern girl and I enjoy making those dishes passed down from my mom. If you love southern comfort foods too, check out the link below that will Lish 101 Best Classic Comfort Food Recipes from Southern Living Magazine.

February Calendar Celebrations

If you like funny days to celebrate. This link is for you. You will have the opportunity to laugh and celebrate each day in February.

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Dear Self,

You have my attention. I'm listening closely to what I need, want, and desire in my life. During the month of February, I plan to focus on the relationships I have with family, friends, and my significant other. It is so important for me not to suppress any thoughts that can bring negativity in my life. If I have a problem, I will address the issue right away, however, if it's something I cannot change, I will not focus on it. Bringing joy to my life is the most important action for me this month. Thank you self for giving me this opportunity to meditate on what I want in order to be good to myself.

Fun Fact: I declare I didn't know that!

Did you know that on February 1, 1887, the area known as Hollywood was founded.

Did you know that on February 14, 2006, the MacBook Pro was released.

(wow, I love my MacBook Pro 2018, it has come a long way)

Dr. Joy’s Music Playlist For The Month

R & B

1. Jahraymecofasola-------Jill Scott

2. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World-----Prince

3. Until You Came-----Faith Evans


1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow-----Ariana Grande

2. One Call Away---Charlie Puth

3. Tightrope-----Janelle Monae

Old School

1. Rock Steady----Aretha Franklin

2. Fall for You----Leela James


1. Tennessee Whiskey-----Chris Stapleton


1. Wanna Be Happy?-----Kirk Franklin

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