James Atkinson

First Assignment


I'm James my hobbies are skatebording, biking, and camping. I have 4 sisters 3 brothers, but only 2 that lives with me. Ashley she is 8, and my brother Bradley he is 10. My dream is to become a famouse skater. I know people think its impossible but I dont. I know that I can get pro. I've been sponsered by 1 company witch is Diverse. When i went to KC indoor this summer I got second in the game of skate comp, didnt place in the bowl comp, and placed 4th in the quarter pipe comp. I am not sponsered now because I could not make team tryout for this year, but I am trying to get sponsered by Zoo York Skateboards or Nike SB. All i really did For this summer was hang out with alot of friends, went to KC indoor and skated a lot, I went camping with my uncle Larry, and my friend Chris came from Minnesota to hang out.