New Designers Quick Start Guide!

Team LaLa Lockets

We are Part of OC Owls, who are part of Team Believe!

Welcome to Origami Owl and Team Believe! The first weeks of becoming a designer are very exciting, but at the same time, can be a little overwhelming. Little overwhelming? Look at all these new friends you will have from Team Believe!! So, I would like to briefly outline the STEPS I would like to encourage you to take in the next week or so.

Your First Steps in the Owl Biz

Set up your Facebook page!

It must be set up like this to follow the Origami Guidelines: Name. Take a look at your team members to get an idea of how you want yours to look.

Log in to YOUR back office

Go to Click, "designer login". Enter your designer ID and password. Click the "resources' button. You will see a tab called "New Designers Start Here". Guess what? Great place to start! Keep browsing through it all. Any questions, help is just a call away!!! Feel free to call me/text me/email me anytime. If I'm in bed because I am NOT a night Owl anymore, I'll be back with you in the morning.