We have settled into Spring with GREAT NEWS!

Celebrating all of your hard work!

Another great month!! We finally have answers to questions and can feel confident moving forward! We have an amazing new CEO, Joe Ochoa and brilliant new Cheif Product Officer, Krupa who truly care about our concerns. Yes, even I had many unresolved questions until conference. I realize now that what we have is even more amazing than I could have imagined. I want to thank you all for riding the roller coaster!! Keep hanging on... the best it yet to come. Let's celebrate here .......
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CONFERENCE TESTIMONIALS.... please read!! It may change your life....

Way to go Heather Imperiale!!

Heather hit over $1000 in sales (in March) and earned herself some PHE swag! I presented incentive reward to her at conference. Are you next??
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Heather had some great insight to share about conference......

If I could sum up this year's Pure Haven Essentials National Conference in one word it would be Amazing!!!!

As a first time attendee conference was everything I expected it to be and more! Just like everyone else, the last few months for me were a roller coaster filled with times of uncertainty and even times of frustration. However, I kept reminding myself why I had started this business and was hopeful that once I went to conference I would have the answers I needed to move forward in the manner that I felt was best. I couldn't have been more right!

After listening to Joe and Krupa speak that first morning, all my trust and faith in this company returned and was even stronger than it was in the past. Hearing them speak about their visions and the quality control process that has been put in place for all of our products, made me feel so confident in everything that Pure Haven stands for and everything that it offers. They provided me with the answers to the things that had me doubtful and frustrated and turned them into feelings of trust and excitement.

Joe and Krupa weren't the only thing that made conference so amazing. The other consultants that attended contributed to this as well in different ways. I heard personal stories of other consultants "why's" and how they also have struggled through the recent changes to the company the last few months. It was reassuring to me that I wasn't alone and even our top executives had the same exact doubts as me, and it just made me feel like no matter what level we are, we are going through this together.

One of my favorite things about conference was that I got to meet and spend quality time with my team members who I don't get to see that often but consider them my friends. I got to celebrate with them as they were honored for their amazing achievements within Pure Haven while also spending some time just bonding and having fun. I was so sad to leave them and wish we all lived closer so we could get together more often.

Finally, one more thing that made conference so amazing was what I learned. From the formal training and presentations, to just speaking to so many successful consultants, I learned so many new things about products, and running my business, and about myself as a consultant. However, there was one thing that stuck with me more than anything and it was a common theme throughout the entire weekend. Pure Haven isn't about sharing a young girls message but it is about sharing OUR message. We don't have one person that represents and stands for Pure Haven, WE are the face of Pure Haven. This is OUR company now and it is going to be better than ever, and I am so excited to be able to be on this rocket ship with all of you. Like we keep hearing, hang on tight because we are about to take off and are headed for amazing things! After sharing in the excitement of conference and hearing the vision for this company, OUR company I couldn't agree more :)


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What did Nancy Caruso-Prestipino have to say about her conference experience?

"Conference was such a great experience! Not only did we get answers about the products and safety concerns, but we heard Joe and Krupa's vision for the future of our company. I came away feeling motivated by and connected to the Pure Haven Essentials company and,more importantly, our message for safe, non toxic products! As amazing as all of that was, the BEST part of conference was meeting and getting to know such like minded, caring people. I cant wait to go to conference next year!"

And Amanda Kalchbrenner......

Not only did Amanda attend conference as a TRIPLE STAR, but she was also invited to her first LEADER DAY....
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We will be having a local team meeting at the home of Amanda Kalchbrenner on Thursday, May 12th at 6:30pm!! Details will be emailed... book your flights now :)

Sending you all lots of PURE love!!

Kristen xo

PS.... I apologize in advance for all the typos :) such as where it still says ava