Vote for Thomas Jefferson

Being president is his game being a republican is his name

By Emily Casulas per.2 12/10/15

I have chosen Thomas Jefferson because I belive that during his time his idea's to me our great. I personally think that he would make a great president durning the 1796/1800's. And that is why I have chosen Thomas Jefferson for this Flyier.

Thomas Jefferson is running for president heres the thing he'll do to improve our states

*he belives that farmers and urban workers should be able to rule

*there should be strong state goverments

*he also thinks that there should be emphasis on agriculture

*Another thing he thinks is that there should be strict interpretation on the constition

*there will be a french alliance because they had their own revolution

*the states will each have their own banks called state banks

*free trade will be inforced to get certain things needed

More about Thomas Jefferson

The person elected for vice present among him is Arron Burr. He wasn't original the secertary of the state he resigned because he was unhappy about how washiton tried to get his two advisers to work out their differnces.The change made the parties move even further apart .

If you vote for him he'll :

*form a french rebellion *Fix major problems like state government and agriculture *prevent wars with other country's *Enforce certain laws to make the consition very strict *Inforce state banks and free trade will make so we can have a safe palce to keep our money and to get things that the country needs or wants

In conclusion,

you should vote for Thomas Jefferon because he would fix major problems like the parties moving apart and in mmy opinon I would vote for him because durning that time I think he would have made a great president.