Auggie & Me- Three Wonder Stories

Written R.J. Palacio

Megan Brand




Realistic fiction.


I would say the tone of this book is happy. In the book there are a few problems, but every thing ends up okay and good things happen in the characters' lives.


This book is a sequel to "Wonder".
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Wonder is about a boy named August Pullman, who has very severe craniofacial differences. It explains how Auggie survives his first year in middle school at Beecher Prep and the difficulties that he faces.

In the sequel, we hear from some of the minor characters that Auggie's story intertwined with and how his presence effected their lives.

There are three parts to this book:


The theme of this book, is you never know what someone is going through until you find out their story. Lots of characters were judged by what they looked like and how they acted, but they had lots of personal things going on in their lives.

Foil Characters:

All of the characters in this book are foil characters, other than Auggie Pullman. People with normal faces are different from Auggie, and the way they act towards him shows that as well.