Bathrooms Conditions

By: Kadelin Nguyen, Ashley Mims and Victoria Mauer

Medlin Middle School Bathrooms

For as long as we've been here at Medin, we have always considered the bathroom as "disgusting" The conditions of the Medlin Middle School bathrooms are atrocious. Not only are they somewhat dirty, the toiletries and the designs are low-quality. Students and teachers would be more comfortable using the restrooms if they looked nicer and felt cleaner.

Why It's a Problem

When you think about it, our district provides a lot of money on things like tablets, that we don't necessarily need. (not that they work anyways.) And they provide money for most things in our school. But our bathrooms beg to differ.

We asked students and a teacher what their thoughts were on our restrooms. The results were very similiar.

Morgan, a 7th grader at Medlin, said that she was "uncomfortable using the bathrooms" because they are "gross" and "un-private."

Cassidy, another 7th grader at Medlin, said that she thought the bathroom "smelt bad", are "unsanitary", and "digusting."

Colton, our last 7th grader from Medlin, doesn't appriciate the "graffiti", and thinks that they are "very gross."

Finally, Coach Perrin, a 7th grade TX History teacher, considers the restroom as "smelly", "outdated", and "dysfunctional."

On October 3rd 2011 there was a report on CNN new that was about school bathrooms conditions. in the report it states, "When you visit your child’s school, do you poke your head into the bathrooms? Do you ask your child about the cleanliness of those bathrooms? You might be surprised to learn how your child tries to avoid going to the bathroom at school." Which this shows that people have tried to resolve and report this problem but cleary it hasn't helped.

Raising Campus Awareness

To raise awareness in our school we will need to encourage students and staff members to help keep our bathrooms as sanitary as possible. We will also post signs outside and inside the bathrooms to remind and pursuade everyone who uses the restrooms to keep them clean.
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Our idea to solve the bathroom conditions is to first upgrade the bathrooms to make them nicer. We could also do some fundraisers to help raise money for our school and then we could use the money to upgrade or re-do all the bathrooms. By re-doing all of the bathrooms will get rid of insect problems and graffiti, but most importantly it will make the bathrooms more sterile.

Benifits of the Solution

By solving the restroom conditions it will make everyone that uses the bathroom feel more comfortable and more sanitary. It will also make our school look nicer and updated when people go into the restrooms and see how nice they look.

Don't you want a bathroom that are as clean as this one in our school?