MEDIA LIT smore 5


What i learn

What I learn about mostly in media literature is what I happen to already know but in greater details like NSA, the inner working of corruption, and obsession of a brand but somehow you were able to put an enough of a twist to make all new. I wouldn’t take away anything on media literature but more as what I could add into your class, if I must the pacing and timing of your teaching it will able to help me learn a bit more. Well what different media literature compare out of all my language arts I happen to take for the years I was in high school or middle school is the fact that there are less writing in this class and the more reading that involved book that happen to be other than a textbook, and plus the no warm up of what to do during class or homework. Of the four year of high school the biggest impact of my life would be surviving through the test and then some it just that once you go back and look at me struggling to try my hundred percent of my grade however what class I look on must would be math (up until now) only to be the fact that I was their long their longer then all my class in high school; that and I remember have more time to goof off and hang out with my friend (also I got mostly high grade in their so I was able to impress a lot of people). What I’ll add to the table of media lit to make it better is to you able to tell us what is to be grade and what important so you don’t have problem on missing smore or work in anybody.