The Importance of Lungs

By: Kaitlan, Alex, Olivia, and Adelaide

The Importance of the Lungs

The lungs in the body are some of the most valued oragns. The lungs allow a person to breathe in the oxygen it needs to run the body, and get rid of the carbon dioxide waste a person creates. The lungs work hard to make sure that the body gets all the oxygen it needs. Without the lungs, the entire body would shut down. Every Department in this company needs the oxygen that I supply, and without it, nothing could function properly. Without me to breathe, the body would suffocate. No oxygen would get in, and everything would start to shut down. Within minutes, the entire company would have failed and the body would be dead. The company can only function for minutes without me. I am needed, and it would be foolhardy to get rid of me.

The Interdependence with the Respitory System

If we are removed, the company will quickly crash! If we are taken out, not only will our part of the body malfunction, it will take the rest of the body with it. We help the Circulatory System pump oxygen through the body to help the company live on! Without us, the whole Circulatory System will crash. Also, we pump oxygen toward the Nervous Systems main source... The Brain. If the oxygen was cut off, The brain departments would die out quickly, which shuts downn the rest of the company.

Physical Apperance and Location

My physical appearance is fairly simple. I am a large and rounded, inflatable organ. Many people describe me as a light pink spongy organ. I slightly smaller than my brother the right lung. I am located in the respiratory system, inside the rib cage.

I am a very interesting organ. You could live with just one of me! Also, while you're resting, you still breathe 12-15 times a minute. I, the Left Lung, am smaller than the RIght Lung, because room is needed to be made for the heart. And, did you know that most people in North American die from Lung Cancer, from doing things that hurt me.

The Department that I am located in is also very complex. In the body, half a liter or more of water is lost everyday to the respitory system. The respitory system causes the breathing rate to be faster in woman, and it helps the average person breathe about 13 pints of oxygen a minute. And, did you know that when you yawn, it's your respitory system telling you that you need more oxygen? Along with doing all these things, the respitory system has six organs dedicated to help a body breathe, most important of which is the lungs.

The Respitory System

Here in the Respiratory Department we take in oxygen and release, or let out, carbon dioxide. We do this by breathing. In this department, we all rely on each other. One of the organs that I, as the left lung, rely on in this department is the trachea. It brings air into the lungs through a tube. The tube connects me to the mouth and nose, without it, the body would not be able to deliver oxygen anywhere, or take out carbon dioxide.

What You Could Get Rid Of

You could get rid of the appendix. The appendix is not needed as much as us because it was only needed in the early days of the company to help with the diet of the caveman. We are now in the 21st century, so the appendix is no longer needed. The appendix can make you very sick with diseases such as Appendicitis, and if you get this, it has to be cut out anyway. So, basically, you may lose it anyway, whereas you can’t survive without your lungs.