Simple Machines

Using them everyday


Some people ask how my life is different from theirs. I tell them it is my machines I use. Everyday I must use my wheel chair to get around. I use a pulley to get on and off the bus. I also use a inclined plane to get around at school.

Wheel and Axel

A wheel attached to a bar so that they rotate together. I use my wheelchair to get around. My wheelchair is really a compound machine but I am only telling about the wheel and axel. Using the wheel and axel machine allows me to move about my school much easier


The lift on the bus is a pulley system. The lift goes up or down letting me get on or off the bus. Mr Fred drives my bus and he raises the lift up and puts it down so I can get off.

Incline Plane

When at school I use an incline plane like the ramp to get from my class to the Specials classes. It is easy to go down and hard to go up but because of the ramp I am able to do it.


I use lots of simple machines everyday. Some you may use some you may not. But we all use machines everyday.