I Choose Jews!

By: Honesty Screws

God Promised

  • “God promised the land to our forefather Abraham, to our forefather Isaac and to our forefather Jacob. The British also want to promise us this land? Nu, Mi-Chi-Teise,” let it be…”
  • “Mi-Chi-Teise,” an idiom loosely translated as "let it be."
  • This is the only true reason Jews live in Israel today.


Reasons Israel belongs to the Jews

  • Palestinian will not share the land. They want the land all to theirself.
  • The Jewish people settled and developed the land.
  • The international community granted political sovereignty in Palestine to the Jewish people.
  • The second king, David, first made Jerusalem its capital.
  • The territory was captured in defensive wars started by the Palestinians, but the Jews won.
  • The Jewish people have maintained ties to their historical homeland for more than 3,700 years.