Thursday's Thoughts

March 23, 2017

Details for Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning each teacher will be in staff development for the Read to Succeed Endorsement. That training is scheduled to be finshed by 11:30. Please take some time to eat lunch and then head back here for a staff meeting at 1:00. We will meet from 1;00-1:45 and then work in grade levels until 2:30. The schedule and topic for grade level meetings is below:

K4 & K5: Meet with Stacey in the conference room to look at specific students reading below level and develop a plan.

1st, 2nd, and Patty: Meet with Matt and Kristie in the library to learn how to use MAP data. look at results, and develop a plan for kids based on F & P current levels and MAP results.

3rd-5th: Meet in grade levels to plug in kids to a google doc we will share with you and develop a plan for the remaining days before testing.

If you have not signed into PD Express for tomorrow, please do so. If you have any questions, please let me know.


New Faculty Members

We have finally finished interviewing and have recommended three teachers for the 2017-2018 school year. They will be presented to the board Tuesday night and will be official Wednesday.

We are welcoming Ms. Terri Ivester, Ms. Gretchen Skelton, and Ms. Brenda Perry to our school family. Terri is currently teaching at Wright Elementary in District 2, Gretchen is currently teaching at Centervill Elementary, and Brenda is teaching at Long Cane Primary. You all know Brenda and we are tickled to have her come home to our school.

We are still looking at numbers for next year but know that we are adding a fifth third grade and fifth grade teacher. Again, they won't be "official" until Wednesday, but I wanted to let you all know.


Please make sure your kids pick up any playground equipment that they take out and bring all coats in after recess. Also, if you allow them to take any food outside, please make sure they pick up all trash. Our playgrounds are becoming dirty littered with coats, trash, and playground equipment. Please help us keep them clean and a fun place to play.

Heads Up

Beginning April 7th, students may not play around or near the reading garden area. Students wll be testing in the computer lab and we want to keep it quiet in that area for them.

Homework Cards/Newsletters

For the 2017-2018 school year, we plan to have a school newsletter/homework card so that we can be consistent in communicating homework to parents and upcoming news. For the remaining year, if you print your newsletters/homework cards, make sure your students are placing them in the front clear pocket of their plastic take home folders. We need to make sure they are kept in the same spot each week so that parents know where to look for them.

Specifically for teachers in grades 3-5, please print a copy of the homework card and place in the front clear pocket for GoalPost students. We are still struggling to know exactly what students need to study and complete for homework. We are being very intentional in GoalPost to make sure they are studying and doing all that they need to do. We need your help in not wasting time trying to get the students to find their homework and tell us what they need to study so that we can use every minute to study. Thank you in advance!

Classroom Doors

Please leave your classroom doors open when you leave for the day and your thermostat down. I want to allow the classrooms to air out overnight in an effort to decrease germs. Thank you!

Master Calendar

Please check the master calendar for end of the year dates. Due to testing, it has been a bit tricky to get everything scheduled. Please let me know if you see conflicts.