Helmuth Hubener

By Dino Emery


Helmuth Hubener was a christen boy who grew up during the time of WW2 his actions told what really was happing outside of Germany... He helped many people but in the end it cost his life.....


Helmuth Hubener was born in Hamburg Germany on January 8, 1925. He was a normal christen boy. He had a good family. In his early life he was part of boy scouts that was supported by his church. when Hitler took over it was banned, so he joind Hitler youth because it was required by the government. Hubener had 2 best friends Rudolf Wobbe and Karl-Heinz Schnibble they were with him when hubener would listen to the radio...

What he did.

After Hubener finished middle school he joind a apprentriceship in administration at the Hamburg social athority.He met other people there one of them was Gernard Duber, Hunener would later who he would later would recruit into his resentence against the Nazis. he started listening to other contreys radio in a bathhouse. the nazis did not want anybody to listen to foreign raido because they would learn what the nazis were doing in other contreys. The Nazis considered it treason. when Hubener found out what they were doing in other contreys he made anti nazi pamphlits and passed them to people telling what the nazis were doing.

prosequetion and sentence.

on febuary 5 1942 Hubener was arrested by the Gestapo at his work place. a man named heinrich mohn who worked in the same place as Hubener turned him in on august 11 1942 he had his trial and he was sentenced to death. hubener said now i must die even thought i have commited no crime. he was trialed as an adult. he was taken to a camp and beheaded that very day.

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