The Strawberry Patch Luminary:

one who helps spread the word about TSP events

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TSP Luminary

First of all, thank you so much for your interest in being a small part of The Strawberry Patch team and it's efforts to promote the Handmade Movement in Middle TN...At TSP, we strive to find artisans who are unique in their product design, motivated in styling their space, and those who are continuously searching for new ways to embellish their product and feed their desire to create.... Growth requires creativity in order to reach new shoppers/fans and attract fresh new artists to the area...We can't do it by ourselves so we are asking for your help...Here's what we need from you:

1. Distribute promotional material around your area....Coffee shops, Local dives, music venues, and libraries are some areas that are generally open to hanging event flyers and promoting handmade/craftfair type events...

2. Make TSP Watermark your profile picture on all your social media sites the month leading up to the event--First photo attached at bottom

3. Share TSP promotional material on your social media sites at least 10 times prior to the event--attached at the bottom

4. Invite at least 5O of your friends to the FB event page....

5. Share link to the website at least 10 times prior to the event

So you might ask, what's in it for me....Well, here you go:

1. A Free TSP VW TEE

2. Two (2) Free passes to the Preview Party Sept. 4--you may use these any way you like. For example, as a giveaway on your business page/website, as a gift, or use yourself...:)

3. You will be allowed behind the gates at TSP an hour before all the other shoppers for the Preview Party on Sept. 4 at 4p--First Dibs, WHOOP!

4. The month following the sale, i will give you a FB "shout out" to you and your business (if applicable) at least 3 times for being a TSP Luminary...

If you are Ready to join us, please send your mailing address and i will mail the promotional material to you right away!