The Religion of Buddhism

Religion Origin

It originated In Northern India, in C. 5th Century B.C.E. This religion was created because Siddhartha observed the suffering in the world and set out to find an antidote,


Reincarnation- That people are reborn after their death.

Rebirth-after death you may be reborn as something else or not even on earth.

The nature of suffering- birth, aging, illness and death are suffering.

The origin of suffering- wanting something that we think will make us happy.

The cessation of suffering- avoiding attachment to things you don't need.

The way leading to the cessation of suffering- being able to see what really is important.

Deities and Holy Places/Places of Worship

  • The Maha Bodhi Temple

  • Seat of Enlightenment: The Diamond Throne, Vajrasana.


Siddhartha Gautama is the religious founder or leader of the religion Buddhism. In that sense he is the leader. As far as a living leader of all Buddhists, there is none. There's separate leaders but there's not one ingle leader for the religion Buddhism


- Buddha the founder of Buddhism had disciples and after he died, the disciples collected teachings together and started teaching other people in many parts of India and Asia. These disciples also taught more disciples and the multiplier factor is what eventually spread Buddhism.

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Up Above is The Religious Symbol of Buddhism