War of 1812

Causes, Battles, Effects

4 Causes of the War


1: Impressment continues as British set up a blockade making trade and travel difficult

2: Native Americans attack along the Mississippi River which was encouraged by the Bristsh

3: Tecumseh (a Native American cheif) tries to unite tribes in the Indian territory to go against the Americans (which is later attacked by William Henry Harrison)

4: War Hawks talk people to go to war with Britain which could give them Canada

2 Regions/Battles of the war

1: "Old Ironsides" is used to destroy british ships but it backfires when the British make there blockade much closer to the US

2: Chesapeake Campaign were the British burn the white house to the ground but later Francis Scott Key makes the star spangled banner

(lose a lot gain a song)

4 Effects of the war

1: US gets world wide respect

2: US accepts Canada as a British neighbor

3: Federalists look bad

4: Native Americans lose land and power