Kariem's Most wanted: Assef

$100,000 reward for the apprehension of Assef

Who is Assef

Assef is the bully of Amir’s Kabul neighborhood who later becomes the “sociopathic” leader of the Taliban. He is Amir’s chief enemy whom he avoids in childhood but faces as an adult. Assef always threatens with his brass knuckles and uses physical violence on others. He is the one who attacks Hassan in the alley and holds Sohrab hostage. Half German, he admires Adolf Hitler. In Kabul, Amir has to confront him to get Sohrab back.

Be on the lookout He's wanted !!!!!!!

The man that your looking for has:

dark brown hair

brown eyes

Is about 40 years old

Wanted for -

Breaking and Entering

Aggravated assault

Assault and Battery

First degree rape