War and Pie

By: Lauren Carr

Preserved foods

In 1795, the French government held a contest to find new preservation techniques. Chef Nicolas Appert came up with canning. His idea of canning food changed food preservation. Now, soldiers use MRE's. This stands for Meal Ready-to-Eat. MRE's are packaged foods that come with chemical heaters to warm the food. MRE's can be eaten years after made and are made to survive all climates.

Pie Ready-to-Eat

Soldiers deserve to have dessert on the battlefield. There are many delicious desserts that are already packaged but once they are cooked, they don't look so good. Pie ready to eat will be hard to make look appealing and be able to withstand all climates. Packaged pie could be used for many uses, not just for the battlefield. Packaged pie could be used camping, on trips, or when you need a quick snack.

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