Performing Arts Club!!!

First Meeting Wednesday, September 2, 3:15 p. m.

What We Are All About

The Julius Dorsey Performing Arts Club is a training ground for any students who are inclined toward music, dance, drama or public speaking. Come and enhance you skills in these areas and prepare for Dorsey's major annual performances. We look forward to theatrical/musical productions, oratorical contests, and arts based events like Music Memory Contest, choir competitions, etc.

Performing Arts Club Membership Drive/ Orientation

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 3:15-4pm

133 North Saint Augustine Drive

Dallas, TX

Parents are asked to attend, if possible and may be a part of our group's booster club to support the students' artistic efforts.

Meeting Agenda

3:15 Sign In

3:25 Introduce Chair and Sponsors

3:30 Overview of Club Activities /Parental Involvement

3:45 Questions and Answers

4:00 Prompt Dismissal