Rachel Cheyenne Lechler

My Identity

Daughter: My parents are my favorite people in the world because many people will enter your lives, but at the end of the day you will always have your parents.

Aunt: I am the proud aunt of a beautiful baby aunt, Finn.

Girlfriend: My boyfriend, Collin, and I have been together for three years and counting.

Writer: I found my love of writing when I was accepted into SOA for creative writing and want to continue on with it as a career.

Gamer: During my off time, I play more video games than I probably should.

My Omi

My Omi is my father's mother. She's the biggest influence in my life mainly because she has always kept me sheltered within her love. She is honestly my favorite person in the world and I would do absolutely anything to make her proud.


I was homeschooled for six years before my parents agreed that I could go to a public high school, but the only way they would let me go was if I got accepted into School of the Arts. The schools out near Johns Island made my parents nervous. So I was accepted into SOA and writing became one of the closest and dearest things to me. I even wrote a book.

Who I Am and Want To Be

I don't really know who I am quite yet, but I know what I want to be. As far as I know, I'm only known by my major, which is Communications and English with a concentration in Creative Writing, but I'm hoping that that will take me to Seattle where I can work at a publishing house and be a book editor.