Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the best place to have a vacation with the family

Tokyo Takeout

Test your test buds in japan's outrageous sushi, rice,and a delicious cup of tea. Tokyo's main dish the best of the best this dish is made in bite-sized pieces for your enjoyment Sushi which is amazing.The most outstanding meal to have with your friends and family its great for someone with an upset stomach and nice and warm to the touch and it is rice and noodles which is most eaten in tokyo probably because it is so good. Want something to drink well come to tokyo we got the best green tea almost anywhere tea is often served when you are someones guest it shows kindness and respect tea goes down your throat nice and smooth i suggest you should have it. Fish is always good it is most common in sushi the fish in sushi really good. food in tokyo is good and interesting there are a lot of food to try out and you will be surprised at whats out there and how good they are come try it.

back to early Tokyo

Did you know that shrines are built to show gratitude for protection. A hanging beautiful and creative painting in one room is called a kakemone every house has one it is really cool. In the 17th century paintings in japan started and have gotten better every year it is a good decoration. The really comfortable and outstanding clothing is call a kimono it is a one-piece wrap around held in place by an obi or sash and it is really pretty try it sometime. There are a lot of history,arts, and clothing you should learn about tokyo with your friends and family and it will blast your mind away come check it out.

tokyo fun land

Have fun with the excitement of japans entertainment. If you like sports then you will like this come and watch or play baseball because baseball is really popular in japan. Museums and libraries are tokyo's best places nows the time to love reading and history because you will have so much fun there. Wrestling is fun to watch but you haven't seen this type of wrestling Sumo wrestling it is funny and fun to watch with the family. If you are a tourist then come to tokyo you get to choose for many fine hotels and restaurants that you will enjoy. There are a lot of fun things for you to do and for you to find out you will be surprised on whats out there.

sights of the most awesome tokyo

Look at all the cool things you will be able to see in tokyo japan. Mount Fuji is japans tall beautiful mountain that you can see very well from far away. Tokyo tower is for sight seeing and broadcasting it has a outstanding view. The grand shrine is the most important shrine it is so pretty come with your family to see how important it is. Horyuji of nara is the oldest building in japan there is a lot of history there the building is still in amazing shape today. If you like Tokyo come see all the sights because there are more places to go and adventure.

culture communication in tokyo japan

Did you know that writing Japanese is challenging to do. Japanese is mostly spoken in Tokyo they also speak English but not as much as Japanese. In school students learn how to write Japanese symbols which represents sounds and characters and tell a lot of stories that are cool to learn about. Altogether Japanese is a really interesting language to learn about and you and your family will love it.

The Japanese climate

Tokyo is the place to be the weather is not to hot not to cold it is really nice come and check it out. Summer is warm and humid its a good time to go swimming and have fun. Japan has 2 main rainy seasons if you like rain then go and come on those seasons.Honshu has balmy,sunny Autumn and springs and is nice and relaxing. Winters in japan are mild in the south but cold and snowy in the north. Weather in japan is nice to enjoy with the family so bring them along.


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