Cambodian Genocide

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Where it all started

Khmer Rouge was an military revolt group that wanted to take over the Cambodian government. The Cambodian communist group was made of peasants, the homeless, and orphaned boys. They started a guerrilla war against the Cambodian government. Giving up, prince Shinauk joined forces with Pol Pot. They then forced peasants and citizens to move to the farmland of Cambodia and harvest for Khmer Rouge. They workers were not aloud to eat what they harvested. They starved and most died, if they weren't killed. "What was rotten was removed" says the Khmer Rouge boys.

What is Genocide?

Genocide- the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnicity

Happened in 1975- 1979

Cambodia is a Southasian country about half the size of California!


  • Gained independence in 1953 from France
  • The Cambodian flag is the only flag that pictures a building
  • Half of Cambodia's population is less than 15 years old
  • There are 1.5 million people in Cambodia and 1.3 million mopeds
  • 95% of people don't have refrigeration
Genocide in Cambodia: A survivor's story

National Day of Hatred

Friday, May 20th, 8am

All of Cambodia

This Cambodia's genocide memorial day.

Pol Pot= Power Hungry

Pol Pot, the leader of the the Khmer Rouge, was a man of power in Cambodia. He was convinced that he could pull of his idea of a superior race of farmers. This plan was "achieved" by taking all people out of urbanized areas and moving them to farmland. Once taken to the land they were put out to the field to work. These "killing fields" were where men worked for hours and hours with little to no food to fuel their day. This plan of mass destruction was ended by Vietnam, who invaded Cambodia and helped citizens escape to Thailand.
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Want to know....

  • Pol Pot died of a sudden "heart attack" after his arrest
  • Cambodia is now a country working on rebuilding itself

Conclusion: A Quick Summary

Khmer Rouge came into full control of Cambodia in 1975. They convinced the people of Cambodia that they were protecting them from American bombing. They actually sent them to killing fields and the suburbs of Cambodia. If they couldn't work they were killed. In 1779, Vietnam came in and stopped all the madness. Over 2 million people were killed in this Genocide.


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