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About me!

Hi, I'm Jailyn. I go to a Virginia high school. I'm sort of quiet and reserved when you first meet me but once I get used to you I'm like a whole different person, as some would say. Some things I enjoy doing outside of school is dancing and drawing. This school year I would like to run track and be in more extra-curricular activities.

My purpose

The purpose of me doing this blog is to express myself in my free time! Also its for me to work on peer editing skills for when I get to see the other students in my class that's working on their online portfolio. I will benefit lots of different things from doing this blog.

6 word memoir

I'm not always the quiet one..

Favorite quote

Quote 9- "To me every hour of light is a miracle. Every cubic inch of space is a miracle".

~ Walt Whitman

I love this quote because the fact that I have my family that I can come home to everyday & be able to talk to them is a miracle because some people don't even have that to look forward to.

Shadow image

Inwardly I'm like a tiger because I'm always active.


Sun Image

I'm like a cat because I'm always calm.


Antigone Character BioPoem


Wise, careful, demanding

Nephew of Creon

Loves Antigone

Depression, excitement, love

His father wasn't going to change; Antigone was going to die

Who discovers his wife dead



Reflection of persuasive essay

I think I did well on the introduction paragraph. This was my favorite essay because I could actually relate to what the prompt was about and give good examples. What I needed to work on about this essay was using the Antigone part correctly, I should have been more descriptive on what Haimon said and why he said it.

Things that describe me (in picture form)