Elk Hunting Necessities

Ty Costello


When preparing for an out-of-state elk hunt, hunters are going to need to gather the gear they are going to use. Depending on the climate of a hunt, the gear may vary. The hunter is going to need shelter, water, and fire. Water and fire are amongst the most important; moreover, you are also going to need shelter. PJ DelHomme, author and experienced hunter, states that, “A Goretex bivy sack is the lighters way to stay dry.” The goretex tent is a very solid way to get closer with nature and the animals, but many people would prefer to stay in a warm cozy cabin. DelHomme explains when attempting to get closer to the herd, the hunter is not going to want their clothes to smell like smoke. In order to not smell like smoke, using a stove, you won’t smell like smoke, and it may be more healthy because it gets rid bacteria better, but keep in mind, you will have to carry it in and out of the woods.

Physical Conditioning

When preparing for an elk hunt, the hunter is going to want to keep in mind the physical challenge of hiking while hunting. Cliff Grey, an experienced hunter, explains: “Take the person you are today, regardless of your current fitness level, and compare that to the person you will be after 3-6 months of physical preparing for the hunt.” The hunter will be more likely to succeed in their hunt because they will be able to trek deep into the woods and get closer to nature than they would without physical training. Cliff says to start out slow and gradually increase the intensity. Elk hunting in the mountains of Colorado can be very strenuous; moreover, the hunter must stick it out if they want to be successful in their hunt.

Measuring and Submitting

After the hunter bags his or her big elk, they may want to know how massive it really is. North American Elk Breeders Association says that the hunter must measure the main beam, length of typical tines, circumference of the main beam, and span of main beam then you add them all together. This is not a necessary step of elk hunting, but can be very rewarding. NAEBA states that “it is required that submitted antlers be cleaned for the competition. Entries may be refused if antlers are not cleaned.” This, however, is a required step if you want to score your bull, to ensure the most accurate measuring possible.