RBI Monthly


Routines Based Interview and Welligent

When you do a full initial RBI following the determination of eligibility, be sure your data person is entering the date your RBI was conducted. The field is on the evaluation screen in Welligent.

Right now, the IFSP does not have a field to record this date. We will be including a place for this in the IFSP revision scheduled for early fall.

Programs have found various ways to alert data entry to enter an RBI date. Some have written in the date on the cover page, while others have flagged the IFSP with a sticky note.

You can use whatever means works best for you.

What does the RBI have to do with our State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)?

First, you may ask, is “What is our State Systemic Improvement Plan?” and “Why are we doing it?” OSEP (the Office of Special Education Programs) says. “The SSIP is a comprehensive, ambitious, yet achievable multi-year plan that is developed, executed and measured in three phases.” All States are required to present their plan, gain OSEP approval, implement and report results on their SSIP.

We began with data analysis and planning in 2013. During the next 5 years, we will have to implement and measure RI’s ability to make changes to reach the goals we presented to OSEP.

So…What is our goal?

RI’s goal for 2018 is to make significant progress in our ability to assess Child Outcome #1; Children will have positive social and emotional skills, including positive social relationships. This outcome was chosen because, although RI is doing well in this outcome area, our data shows less progress is made in this outcome than outcomes #2 and #3.

How is this related to RBI?

There is evidence that Routines Based Interviewing provides EI with a rich description of family functioning that we were unable to get in the past. This rich description will reveal a picture of daily functioning that previously not available.

When we have better information and families are better able to see their daily activities laid out in front of them, we develop better outcomes. Better outcomes lead to better progress. Better progress leads to increased family involvement. Increased family involvement leads to better outcomes for children.

Let’s get to work!