Distance Supervision & Consultation

Via Phone or Internet: IFS, EMDR, ASCH, & AASECT

Certification: IFS, EMDR, ASCH, AASECT

  • Internal Family Systems Therapy Certification
  • Clinical Hypnosis: ASCH Certification
  • Sex Therapist Certification: AASECT
  • EMDR Certification

Bruce is currently providing distance consultation and supervision to candidates for AASECT Sex Therapist Certification, ASCH Clinical Hypnosis Certification, EMDR Certification, and IFS Certification from various states around the country. His unique combination of specializations and focus in Internal Family Systems Therapy enables him to apply IFS and naturalistic hypnotic processes to all other modalities for more effective delivery of therapeutic efforts and increased self-awareness and confidence in the therapist.
and Discreet Psychotherapy for Professionals ...from the privacy of your own home or office

I currently provide clinical consultation and psychotherapy to clinicians and clients in many states and other countries, by Skype or phone. I'm looking to organize group supervision opportunities in the various specialties. If you have an interest, please contact me.

Looking forward to connecting,

~ Bruce

Bruce Hersey, LCSW

Bruce is a AASECT Certified Supervisor in Sex Therapy, and an Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) & EMDR (EMDRIA). He is also Certified in IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), completed Levels One, Two & Three Training, is a three time Level One Program Assistant, presented at the IFS International Conference three times, and at the AASECT International Conference on IFS & Sex Therapy.

He is the creator & moderator of the Internal Family Systems Network, a rapidly growing Linkedin international discussion group for professional helpers. Bruce is the founder and Executive Director of Heartspace Wellness Alliance, a space for wellness practices and training in Altoona, PA.

In his private practice in Altoona, he sees many adults individually or in couples and groups as well as conducting IFS Self-Development Workshops and Retreats for the public. He previously collaborated with Lois Ehrmann, PhD to provide Professional Trainings in IFS and related approaches in the PA region.

Many of Bruce's clients throughout his 25 years of private practice have suffered from complex disorders of attachment and trauma. As a result, Bruce has always sought out the most advanced therapeutic training available, leading him to clinical hypnosis, EMDR & IFS. Professionals who have consulted him for licensing or certification in these specialties have received guidance through the lens of IFS, which provides a systemic non-pathologizing perspective that increases self-awareness in both the client and therapist.

Finding Your Parts

Special Services

  • Discrete Psychotherapy for Professionals
  • Advanced/Complex Case Consultation
  • IFS Open Space Consultation for Groups

Bruce has a strong background in providing psychotherapy for fellow mental health and other professionals and understands their need for discrete opportunities to pursue their own personal growth and healing, often outside their geographic community.

Many colleagues have availed themselves of Bruce's adept ability to quickly conceptualize complex cases (typically involving both trauma and attachment issues) and offer sound and practical guidance. He frequently assists in identifying and working with the inner parts of the therapist that tend to come up in such cases with acceptance and compassion.

Agencies specializing in treatment of trauma & attachment issues have contracted Bruce for ongoing IFS Open Space Group Consultation, both in person and via internet video. This is a process that facilitates speaking for inner parts that come up both in organizational and treatment interactions, which when unspoken and unprocessed contribute to compassion fatigue, burnout, job dissatisfaction & staff morale issues.

What clinicians say about Bruce's consultation:

"There is a skill set to be a good therapist and a distinct skill set to be a good teacher of psychotherapy. Bruce has both in abundance and I am extremely grateful for his deft hand and open-hearted presence." ~ Steven Benjamin Psychotherapist

"Over the years, I have been supervised by people who I believe are masters of IFS and EMDR. I'm certified in both and utilize them daily in my work as a psychotherapist. Bruce has been one of my supervisors for Sex Therapist Certification through AASECT.

He has proven himself to be a master, not only as a sex-positive therapist, but an overall educator in the field of psychotherapy. His style is laced with years of experience, practicality, and passion, but also with levity - which contributes to his style. My learning with him has been a fabulous shared journey into the work with clients.

Bruce is optimistic, reassuring, and is always gentle, with a direct approach. Bruce works the IFS model brilliantly, and throughout the supervision process always has me checking my own parts - especially those parts potentially affecting the client." ~ Peg Hurley Dawson, LMHC

"I have used Bruce as an IFS consultant for my clinical work on a monthly basis for five years. Bruce has been amazing in helping me learn more about my own parts and building my self energy to support my clinical skills and better serve my clients. It has been personally and clinically empowering beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Bruce without reservation!"

~ Jean Ferguson, M.S. Licensed Psychologist

"Bruce is a Master therapist who seamlessly integrates Internal Family Systems with the skills of EMDR and hypnotherapy. He truly lives the IFS model and as a result he is a wonderful teacher who embodies and transmits Self presence to his clients, collegues and students." ~ Leigh Herbert Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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