Teachers with Techitude

A monthly tech newsletter for the awesome HESD staff

In this September 2017 edition:

  • Getting Started with Google Classroom
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Using Accelerated Reader
  • PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS (printers, voicemail and ringers, oh my!)
  • Social and Emotional Health resources
  • Accessing Wonders/Maravillas (K-5) and Ca Math (6-8)
  • Student Google accounts and passwords


Getting started with GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Save Time! Be more organized! Get Googly!

If you are using Google Classroom, you know that it makes managing files from students easy while helping students build stamina for online writing-- not to mention lightening that wheeled crate of papers you take home!

If you haven't started using Google Classroom yet, THIS CAN BE YOUR YEAR! Let's get students in your class with a join code, create an announcement for information sharing or online class discussion (think Facebook thread), and create a question for short constructed response answers that go directly to you, not viewable to all students.


Complete the form below to be part of an email group to get more info about using Google Classroom!


Digital Citizenship

The beginning of the year is the most natural time to introduce digital citizenship concepts with your students. You probably are familiar with the one lesson your grade level teaches, but there are four more. Look though your grade level, and earlier grade levels, and use the lessons that meet the needs of your students. It is important that we are all learning how to be safe online!

Click here to see your Digital Citizenship resource options!


Accelerated Reader Links

To access Accelerated Reader, you need to use the HESD connected link (you can't just google search for AR)

There are several ways to find the link:

  • Check the shortcuts box on your school website for "Renaissance (AR)"
  • Click the Renaissance Place tile in Clever
  • iPads: use the AR icon on the desktop (this opens a page in Safari) There is not an AR app any more.

Using the correct link should help eliminate "AR doesn't work" issues from students.



Please, be kind to your friendly classroom printer!

While it is true we are moving away from printing everything, printers (as we know) can be a hub of activity in our classroom.

So won't you please help save the printer from an early demise? There is one important way you can improve the life and functioning of your classroom printer.

** Stop recycling paper by printing on the back side **

The toner from the first printing is getting on the printer roller and shortening the lifespan of this precious printing resource.

Use ONLY fresh, new copy paper in your printer. It is admirable to recycle paper, but please do this in a way that will not impact the technology available to you.

Your printer thanks you!

Please do not recycle paper by printing on the back!


Cool New Phones are here!

Here are some of the changes:

1. Phones must be plugged into network ports (not the old phone ports).

2. You do not have to dial a nine or two nines to call an outside phone number.

3. You have a new extension number. Your school office has probably provided you with an updated extension list for your site.

4. You can call any extension within the district directly without dialing an outside number-- just pick up your phone and dial their four digit extension.

5. All users now have voicemail. (this is so cool--- your voice mail is automatically sent to your email as an audio file)

Note: Please do not move plugs into different outlets right now. If you need assistance with your phone, please submit a support request at https://support.hsdnet.local/index.php


DO NOT move cords, plug/unplug cords etc. at this time.

Please submit a tech support ticket and let the trained technicians do their work. This is the best way to make sure the system is functional for all users!

See page 2 of the user guide below to learn how to set up your voicemail (change your password and record a message)

Jive User Guide (PDF)

Click the button above to open the Jive User Guide

RING RING!!! Can't hear your ringer? Choose a new ring in settings (on the touchpad of your phone!)


We know--- our students have social and emotional learning needs!

Have you seen the amazing resources from Class Dojo? Engaging and relate-able videos about some topics our students need to know about to be socially and emotionally healthy! These videos cover some much needed topics, and will be the perfect conversation starter to build as a foundation for good citizenship!

  • Growth Mindset
  • Perseverance
  • Empathy
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness

Use these digital resources to connect your listening/speaking/writing skills, and build community in your classroom at the same time!


Class Dojo's Social and Emotional Learning resources

Click here for the ideas page of videos and discussion guides.


K-5 ELA-- Wonders/Maravillas

Logging in for teachers and students--- there is now a link on your school page to sign into your ELA Wonders/Maravillas account. Click the link, then sign in with your Google Account (@hsdschools.org) If you need your password, please put in a tech support ticket.

OR login to Clever and click the McGraw Hill Education button

K1 teachers--- an easier link is coming to help you. Watch for "K1 Wonders" in shortcuts!


6-8 MATH -- California Math

California Math has been updated so your students will be rostered automatically. Instead of signing in through ConnectEd, the link on the website has been updated to direct you to the McGraw Hill page. Please sign in with your Google Account. Your old log in will not work.

OR login to Clever and click the McGraw Hill Education button


Get student Google Accounts and Passwords

Click this button for a screen shot guide to get student accounts and passwords through Q


SHINE Greenscreen Photos!

Click here to see the greenscreen photos from our amazing SHINE event!