Why did he Go???

Christopher Columbus went out exploring. Instead of taking the traditional route to Asia he went west instead of east.

What issues did they have on the way there?

He didn't have enough food, and water to survive that long. Nine of his ship sank. A lot of people died whilst sailing. That's when Columbus faced mutiny.

What controversies are there over Columbus?

Columbus was seen as the good guy, but he actually treated his crew very bad. The crew rebelled against him. They threatened to turn the ship around if Columbus didn't treat them better.

What did Columbus do that was smart?

Sailed west instead of east, and he thought the earth was round.

What did Columbus do that was dumb?

He did some pretty bad things, including.He took credit for finding America. When really there were people already there. He kicked the Native Americans out of there home. He didn’t set out to find that the earth was round. Killed half a million natives, and he torchered people all over the place
Columbus Song - 1492