The Work Load

They are pushing us hard

The time period

This cartoon is current and resembles a major problem of today's society

The cartoon

In the cartoon two young kids pull a giant cargo ship that holds all of the Nations problems. The captain of the boat is yelling at the kids to start carrying the weight of the boat because they are future taxpayers

Also the boat if it were in water the boat would be easier to pull,but they are pulling the boat in a desert.

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The author is telling us that ...

This cartoon is trying to say that kids these days have to work so much harder so we can all get a better education. We are always being pushed to do better in school. If we have a better GPA then you can get into college easier and then get a good job. Once you have a good job then you start paying taxes. If you have a better job then you will pay more taxes. We are in a huge debt and we need more money.

This is funny

This is satirical because you see two kids pulling a giant cargo cargo I ship that easily can't be pulled. The kids have signs that say future tax payer meaning that we are starting to pull the weight of the nations. The work load is soon going to be dropped on us.

This is satirical also because there is no way two kids can pull a giant cargo ship, so the cartoon is using a lot of exaggeration.