New Weapons of War

The Evolution of War

The Minie Ball

The minie ball was a new type of bullet that was used during the civil war. It was grooved so it could gain velocity and spun as it was being shot out of the rifle barrel. Due to the added velocity and spin the minie ball was a deadly new invention that killed thousands.

Ketchum gernade

A projectile gernade that could be thrown like a dart and actually wasn't as useful as it seems. Most times it could be deflected back to the thrower. It had fins to help guide the projectile.
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Gatling gun

The gatlng gun is a machine gun that can fire up to 350 shots per minute. It was never really ordered in bulk but they were still very powerful and much feared. It was used widely through out the petersburg campaign.

Land mines

Explosives buried underground that would detonate when someone stepped on it. They were used during the peninsula campaign but later used widely throughout the south. Even though it was effective both sides hated the infamous weapon.
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Rocket launchers

Almost never used by either side this weapon when accurate was very dangerous. However due to it's unreliabilility to actually hit its target it was mainly used by the navy and even still hardly used.
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