week 8: le 9 - 13 mars

Français 2 - NCVPS - Mme Gaitskill

It's week 8!!

It's hard to believe that ALL first quarter assignments and the midterm exam are due next Friday! Check in with your student to see how he/she is doing towards those due dates!

Progress reports

Progress reports will be submitted to schools this week. Zeroes will be going in for any assignment that was not submitted on time. HOWEVER...students can still submit missing work - because of the snow days - up til March 20. NO assignments will be accepted after March 20 from the 1st quarter.

For this unit:

Just a reminder...

Each week, students should average 2 assignments being submitted per day to stay caught up. If your student is behind due to snow days, please have him/her contact me as soon as possible! I want your student to be successful! :)

Mme Laurie Gaitskill

Extra credit is offered from time to time in the course. Have your student text me by Thursday at 5pm saying "My parents read the newsletter" in French using the passé composé. The past participle for "to read" is lu. Newsletter = le bulletin :)