Sport and Reacreation Centre

What Did We Do

Stage 3 went to Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre and we had lots of fun. Most of the time we did activities but if we weren't doing activities we were having free time games. What activities did we do, well that's what I'm getting to. We did archery, orrientiring, BMX riding, low ropes and lots more. Thank o all the teachers that put effort into getting our Borambola excurtion ready for us.


Oh, didn't i meantion there was a prize going aroud it was a stuffed dog that could stay in the cabin that was the cleanest.

Gift Shop

there is a gift shop at Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre with mant gifts available such as: trucker hats, broad brimed hats, drink bottles, boomerangs, shirts and lots of stationery.